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If the cost of theory exceeds the cost of practice, you might as well get to the fact
by doing, advised Ito. “Failure is a really good way to learn the facts,” he noted.
That was a recurring theme at SXSW in all its various incarnations: experimenting,
doing, making, prototyping, learning, repeat.
In order to succeed spectacularly, you have to be willing to fail
spectacularly.” —BIZ STONE, co-founder of Twitter; co-founder and CEO of Jelly
SXSW ’14
Learn by doing rather than
thinking. Head off into the
fog confident you’ll get
somewhere in the end.”
—TIM BROWN, president and CEO, IDEO
SXSW ’14
You might as well get a fact
rather than a theory.”
—JOI ITO, director, MIT Media Lab
SXSW ’14

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