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As outlined in our 10 Trends for 2014 and Beyond, mobile is coming to represent a gateway
to opportunity in many markets—helping to change lives by providing first-time access to
financial systems, business tools, better health care, education and more. Brands will need
to understand mobile’s integral role in these markets and the many innovative ways that
people are using mobile devices. By embracing shared value, brands can become a force
for positive change while enhancing their long-term competitiveness.
Highlighted by Chelsea Clinton in her
keynote, iCow is a mobile-based service
that helps small-scale cattle farmers in
Kenya by providing tips and keeping users’
records of milk production and breeding.
Also referenced by Chelsea Clinton, Sproxil is a
service that uses mobile to combat counterfeit
drugs and the damage they can do to consumers.
Users scratch off a label on the medication, then
text the code that’s revealed to a validation
database to confirm whether the drug is legit.
The well-established Kenyan mobile
money service M-Pesa was cited by
various panelists, who held it up as
a prime example of brands using
mobile to help the underserved
while simultaneously improving
their own bottom line.

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