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While smartphones and tablets are 10 Overriding Themes from SXSW (March 2014)

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While smartphones and tablets are the very devices keeping many of us from
mindfulness, a few companies are tapping into this disruptive technology to create
apps that help facilitate a state of mindfulness. Headspace’s app Headspace (On-
the-Go) provides daily meditation sessions, guided mind-training programs,
meditation reminders and random “mindfulness buzzers” that prompt users to
“check in” with themselves. Similar apps include The Mindfulness App by MindApps
and Mindfulness Meditation by Mental Workout.
You get social pressure if you don’t meditate these days. How does
that relate to tech? We’ve created a world where it’s hard to
escape.” —LOIC LE MEUR, co-founder of LeWeb, SXSW ’14

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