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The New York Times
Post-Snowden, some of the tech behemoths are taking steps to better protect users
from both government surveillance and hackers. Noted ACLU principal technologist
Christopher Soghoian during the session with Snowden: “Without Snowden, there
wouldn't have been as much pressure on tech companies to encrypt services. [His]
disclosures have improved Internet security across the board.”
According to The Wall Street Journal:
Last fall, Google said it would add or strengthen
encryption of data passing through its data
centers. It also now frequently changes the
security keys used to unlock encrypted data.
In December, Microsoft Corp. said it would encrypt
customer information moving between its data
centers by the end of this year.
The Yahoo team said it is working to encrypt all its products.
We’re very sure now that the info within Google is secure from the
government’s prying eyes.” —ERIC SCHMIDT, executive chairman, Google
SXSW ’14

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