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The New York Times
Security is becoming a unique selling proposition. Rather than treating it as an
afterthought and scrambling to compensate if user data is compromised, more tech
companies will build highly secure environments for their users from the start—
selling it as a point of differentiation until it becomes a right of entry.
The communication app Wickr uses military-grade encryption to let users
send and receive photos, video and text that’s viewable for up to 10
days. Its developers are so confident that they offered $100,000 to any
hacker who could crack its code. The company just announced plans to
license its encryption software to apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp.
According to Julia Angwin, a senior reporter at ProPublica and author of Dragnet
Nation, traffic to the privacy-protecting search engine DuckDuckGo has more
than doubled since Snowden’s revelations last June.
Described as “the world’s first smartphone that
places privacy and control directly in the hands of
its users,” the Blackphone is a $629 Android-based
smartphone that will ship in June with several pre-
installed privacy tools.

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