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END-TO-END ENCRYPTION One of the 10 Overriding Themes from SXSW (March 2014)

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One of the terms du jour was end-to-end encryption—uninterrupted protection of
data traveling between two communicating parties—with Snowden pushing for these
security protocols to be built into web services.
The next must-have career? Information Security Data Specialist,
whose job will be to make your digital footprint invisible
This in itself is a catch-22. Our free tools
require the data shared to fund the
platforms we use. Is free and easy worth
access to our data? Or do we embrace the
importance of our private data, knowing platforms
may be more complex, difficult and expensive to
use? That is something everyone has to decide on his
or her own.” —DAWN H. SMITH, chair, Digital Council, JWT London

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