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INTERNAL ROADBLOCKS (contd.)CORPORATE STRUCTURE AND Remaking 'Made in China' (August 2012)

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INTERNAL ROADBLOCKS (contd.)CORPORATE STRUCTURE AND MANAGEMENT STYLE (contd.)This leads to a stifling of ideas and Whether its a family company or acommunication, especially from the multinational, the CEO is themost junior employees—who may be predominant voice in the company.the ones with experience working or Nobody questions the CEO. He isstudying in the West, where they omnipresent, omni-seeing; hes omni- powerful. So that creates an issue in terms ofpick up soft skills such as decision- internal communication… Right now in meetings youmaking and working in team have a silent group of Asians who arent willing to askenvironments. questions, arent willing to express themselves, because theyre not willing to expose themselves or take a risk in being wrong. So nobody talks.” —JOSEPH BALADI, CEO of BrandAsian, author of The Brutal Truth About Asian Branding

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