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OVERCOMING THE ROADBLOCKS (contd.)LEAN INTO Remaking 'Made in China' (August 2012)

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OVERCOMING THE ROADBLOCKS (contd.)LEAN INTO NATIONAL IDENTITY (contd.)The mission of Hong Kong-based Goods of Desire, which sells everything fromfurniture to apparel and accessories, is to be “quintessentially Hong Kong” andpromote “a new Asian lifestyle brand by revitalizing local heritage.” I believe that global identity, national identity and individual identity can all coexist. Due to the big trend of globalization nowadays, there is a lot less focus in Asia on building regional identity. I hope G.O.D. can re-emphasize the importance of identity to our consumers. I think it is our unique identity that makes interaction on the global level a lot more interesting.” —DOUGLAS YOUNG, co-founder of Hong Kong-based lifestyle brand Goods of Desire Image credit: Goods of Desire

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