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OVERCOMING THE ROADBLOCKS (contd.)LEAN INTO Remaking 'Made in China' (August 2012)

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OVERCOMING THE ROADBLOCKS (contd.)LEAN INTO NATIONAL IDENTITY (contd.)Blending the old with the new in away thats relevant for a modernconsumer is one potential route tosuccess for Chinese brands. And asChinese companies become moresavvy marketers, they will be ableto better tell the story of Chineseculture and heritage through theirproducts. Li-Ning tapped into thismindset with the U.S. release of its“Year of the Dragon Collection”earlier this year. Earlier this year Li-Ning produced four limited edition sneakers, dubbed the “Year of the Dragon Collection,” to coincide with the Chinese zodiac year by the same name. Image credit: facebook.com/liningusa

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