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Kadri Armas Portfolio of Event Marketing Projects

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Overview of event marketing projects I have contributed to.

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Kadri Armas Portfolio of Event Marketing Projects

  1. 1. Kadri Armas Portfolio of Event Marketing Projects kadri@armaska.ee www.armaska.ee
  2. 2. Kadri Armas Designing Customer Experiences Education linkedin.com/in/armaskadri kadri@armaska.ee
  3. 3. Image 1 NB. Click > to go next Image 2012-2014 Concepts designed as the Event Manager of Kau Manor
  4. 4. Image Image Image Image Image An event series with Baltic- German focus, combining Baltic-German themed lectur and dinner. First event was held in September 2012. KAU Baltischer Abend An exclusive dinner with wine and food introductions. First event was held in February 2014 in co-operation with Altia Eesti and Masi Winery and was sold out. The Art of Wine A high end brunch event providing an entertainment program for children. First event was held in March 2013 and the second event in May 2014 was sold out. KAU Brunch I worked with concepts for different events series that were organized either quarterly (app) or yearly (shown on next slide). KAU Manor The format included accommondation and 2 days of program and catering. First event was held in March 2014 in co-operation with City Spa. KAU Life&Style I worked out or helped to work out concepts for shown event series. All brands (exc KAU Baltischer Abend which was started due to the owner s personal intrest) were developed in order to resolve a bottleneck – e.g Kau Brunch was developed in order to address more families, KAU Life&Style was developed for low seasons when manor needed to advance accommondation sales etc. The concepts were always developed with an eye to detail, eg first KAU Life&Style event was a yoga retreat and the catering plan was tailor-made in order to compliment yoga classes and promote healthy choices. If looking at the design process and results I am extremely proud of KAU Baltischer Abend which developed into the best selling event series. But the other events sold well also, eg the first Art of Wine event was sold out in 1,5 days. All shown event series were continued after my leave from the manor. Concepts designed as the Event Manager of Kau Manor
  5. 5. Yearly eventmarketing projects included four events: 1 Kõue jaanituli (a bonfire event) 2 Kõue jõuluõhtu (a Christmas event) 3 Kau Opening Party & yearly birthday celebrations 4 KAU s NYE I either worked out the concept (for bonfire and Christmas events) or helped to fine tune the concept (Kau Opening Party in co-operation with KAU Academy and owners; KAU s NYE in cooperation with Mary Jordan). My usual responsibilities included budgeting, partnerships, search and bookings of extra services, marketing and sales, catering concept and service plan. Usually I was also in the front end communicating with the customers. Other regular projects
  6. 6. Image 2 NB. Click the < to go previous Image And click > to go next Image 2012-2014 Co-operation projects organized as the Event Manager of Kau Manor
  7. 7. Music festival Kõue Heli 2012 & 2013 Co-organized by Hea Uus Heli, Kau Academy and Kau Manor On the first year my responsibilities included the organization of the event from the venue s side, that is special offers, accommodations, venue set-up etc. On the second year I was also responsible for the organization of the catering of the event (full kitchen outside and additionally numerous bars).
  8. 8. Selection of public events 2012-... Theater plays, concerts and others My responsibilities included negotiations and organization from the manor part. Addition to the communications with the partner I worked out together with manor s chef de cuisine the catering concept and service plan – special offers, catering during the event (e.g outside catering or theatre cafe concept) etc. If necessary, I also worked on marketing of the event and chose the marketing channels.
  9. 9. Selection of public events Concerts
  10. 10. Image 3 NB. Click the < to go previous Image And click > to go next Image 2012-2014 Private events organized as the Event Manager of Kau Manor
  11. 11. Image Image Image Image Image We helped our customers to organize product launches which were tailored to their needs and product characteristics. Product launches We organized weddings from 10 to 100 people. Weddings We organized numerous protocal events for different Estonian public sector organizations. Protocol events Mainly conference for different Estonian organizations. Events were either one day events or with an overnight stay. Corporate events The biggest private events hosted up to 200 guests and had a wide program. Some of these events were hosted in different houses and also outside. Other events Tailor-made events for organizations and private people during which I as an Event Manager helped customers with budgeting, overall planning, set-ups, catering plan, accommodation, extra services plan etc. Our target was to provide a full service (exc for weddings). Private events
  12. 12. Image 4 NB. Click the < to go previous Image And click > to go next Image 2014-2015 Other projects organized as a volunteer in JCI
  13. 13. Silmapaistev Noor Eestlane 2014 Ten Outstanding Young People is a world-wide JCI program recognizing young leaders in society In 2014 I was the Program Director of TOYP Estonia which is the Estonian version of a longtime JCI program. I reformed the organization of the program, e.g starting using web platforms and included new communications channels. During half a year I curated the competition and produced 1-hour long award ceremony. The program was widely covered by media and the award ceremony had a live feed in Delfi TV. My team included two volunteers.
  14. 14. JCI Nordic Inspiration Conference 2015 A JCI conference* exploring people´s personal, technological and cultural borders I was the Communications Director of the conference. I had a team of 8 volunteers. During one year we were responsible for newsletters, social media coverage (FB & IG), promotion videos, PR, communications with contacts from JCI Nordic group national organizations. * Conference was organized by JCI Estonia mainly to JCI members from JCI Nordic group countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.
  15. 15. Image 5 NB. Click the < to go previous Image 2015-... Projects done as a freelancer
  16. 16. Employer branding agency Instar was established in 2007. In 2015, the company needed brand renewal. During the project I helped the owners through service design methodologies. An event where their employer branding study was introduced become the key element of the brand renewal. During the event were announced on the basis of the study Estonia s most attractive employers. The event was regarded as a success based on the attendance of HR professionals as well as on the interest of media. Instar Media coverage in TV3 news: bit.ly/Instar2015TV3
  17. 17. Contact kadri@armaska.ee www.armaska.ee