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Kabaadi waala

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Kabaadi waala

  1. 1. www.kabaadiwaala.com
  2. 2. About Us • We buy your waste material and sell it to the users. • We buy all kind of junk. • Simple registration process. • Helping the society to best utilize the resources. • Services across the country. • Quick and helpful staff and management team.
  3. 3. Why Us • We make you realize the use of your junk. • Creating wealth from waste. • Creating resources for the needy. • Helping the society. • We are the only service provider in this market. • Timely and best services at your door steps.
  4. 4. Our Strength • Best supply chain practices. • Established good network to buy and sell. • Guaranteed price and satisfaction to buyer and seller. • Best management team with innovative ideas. • Ensured customer satisfaction and delight.
  5. 5. Items we deal with • Household electronic durables • Heavy and light furniture • Glass items (mirrors, glass top tables, etc.) • Books and Journals • Clothes and Shoes • Utensils (steel, glass and melamine)
  6. 6. Contact US Email: info@kabaadiwaala.com Web: www.kabaadiwaala.com