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Kabaadi Waala

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Kabaadi Waala

  1. 1. www.kabaadiwaala.com Make use of your Garbage KABAADIWAALA
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Confer us your garbage, we will bestow you purchasers. This is not merely our catchphrase, but the testimonial of our objective. We at KABAADI WAALA are to assist each and every one of our respected guests chuck out their scrap and obtain the top price for them. • OUR RETURNS SCULPT – KABAADI WAALA asks for a token listing payment, which is the initial spot of earning creation. – We ask for a share of the absolute worth that is obtained for the scraps as service cost and settlement for the real darn costs that we have incurred. • Despite the fact that we are indulged a vigorous commercial activity, augmentation of earnings is not the solitary endeavor at KABAADI WAALA. Our primary concern is contentment of both parties and recouping scraps that would if not mislay their ridge verve. KABAADIWAALA
  3. 3. HOW WE WORK • Initially, we fetch purchasers and vendors on a regular stand. By being an intermediary between the two parties, we confirm that a first-rated agreement is clout. • We, in addition, participate in the function of renovation representatives. We review the state of the commodities, and the dent that has been made during long time, mishap, movement or further grounds. • Subsequent to the goods are refurbished, we test out them to ascertain that they are in appropriate operational stipulation. Afterward we promote them on our site and match up with the concerned purchasers. • As a result of our service, more space in the offices or living places are ascertained, as the unwanted items are either replaced or removed by us. KABAADIWAALA
  4. 4. REACH US • Forthcoming vendors will require to list with us. Simply provide us a few personal particulars, in addition to a indisputable explanation of the item(s) you desire to put up for sale. • Purchasers, in contrast, can unswervingly procure by opting for an article available and tendering for it. Provide your email id in conjunction with the price estimated, and we will reach you, proviso you get the offer. KABAADIWAALA
  5. 5. SHIFTING AND RENOVATING • For decades, we comprehended that changing a residence or refurbishing it allows individuals dispose of a lot of old articles those they do not desire to transmit, or which do not go well with their fresh environs. This grouping takes in both domestic articles and workplace articles. • ASSORTMENT OF GOODS – Domestic digital articles – Weighty and small fixtures – Glass articles – Periodicals – Garments – Kitchen apparatus KABAADIWAALA
  6. 6. CONTACT US • Website: www.kabaadiwaala.com • Email: info@kabaadiwaala.com KABAADIWAALA