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Retail customer

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Information about retail customer and strategies to mange behaviour.

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Retail customer

  1. 1.  The success of any retail strategy depends on how well the firm identify and understands its customers. It needs to Identify the consumer characteristics , needs and attitudes, which influence their purchasing decisions. There are various factors to be considered to study retail customer.
  2. 2.  Demographics of Customer includes:  Gender Age Life expectancy Literacy and education Language spoken Household size Income Place of residence Income
  3. 3.  Lifestyle of the consumer depends on the social and psychological factors and are influenced by demographics. The social factors include: •Culture •Social class •Reference groups •Family life cycle •Time utilization
  4. 4. Psychological factors include: •Personality •Class consciousness •Attitudes
  5. 5. Implications of customer Demographics and lifestyle.  Gender roles Consumer Sophistication and confidence Poverty of time Component lifestyle
  6. 6. Consumer Needs and Desires How far will the customers travel to get to the retailer? How important is convenience? What is the preferred time for shopping? What is the level of customer services is preferred? How important is assortment of goods / services? How important is price? Do different market segments have different needs?
  7. 7. • In- Home Shopping • Online Shopping • Outshopping Consumer Needs and Desires
  8. 8. Shopping Attitudes and behavior Stimulus Problem awareness Info Search Evaluating Alternatives Purchase Post Purchase Demographics Lifestyles
  9. 9. Retailer Actions
  10. 10. Environmental factors affecting consumers