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User Onboarding Flow for Organimi

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Organimi is a free online tool to make and share Organizational Charts online. With over 80,000 members we've had some great learnings and these are some thoughts on how we can optimize the onboarding flow. Feedback is always great.


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User Onboarding Flow for Organimi

  1. 1. Organimi User Onboarding Breakdown of user onboarding.
  2. 2. Landing Page/Signup Form A/B Testing the copy and form length. Having free increased conversions but form length did not make a significant difference.
  3. 3. Email Confirmation is a friction point After I signup, I expect to get straight in and get using it. Email confirmation sometimes does not arrive or lands in spam. Cannot control this aspect but it negatively effects the overall experience.
  4. 4. Login Screen does not re-enforce why I signed up. There is no messaging on Organimi being a simple Org Chart tool – need more consistency. The LinkedIn Signup button is confusing. Best we take it out until we sort it out and offer it as an alternate on the main site to filling out the form. We could potentially offer a quick tour here or on next screen.
  5. 5. First time login. I don’t know what to do. The Sample Chart should be more prominent. I just logged in, this is a good time to show me what I can do. Accelerate my aha moment – the sample chart can be used to convince me that putting time and effort into building a chart is worth my while. Perhaps even start with an option to do a CSV Upload right up front. Have seen a lot of abandonment at this point.
  6. 6. Alternate first time login screen Animated tour/overview. Or screen shots.
  7. 7. Alternate Screen 2 Let’s make the sample more prominent and create a default org for them. Reduce steps and friction to get started. CSV upload offers the best experience so we should highlight that at the start.