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  1. “Let's talk about some open source platforms to build a chatbot…………” CHATBOT
  2. 1. Dialogflow Features:- Fast Coding. Machine Learning Powered. Natural Conversations. Small Talk. Intents. Entities. Multi-Lingual Agent Support. Integrations. Analytics. In-Line Code Editor. Cross Platform Support
  3. Easily integrates with:- Facebook Messenger. Viber. Google Assistant. Cisco Spark. Twitter. Telegram. Slack. Twilio. API interactions(using writing your own code). Skype
  4. Disadvantages:- To do simple math logic you have to write code. You cannot use regular expressions when matching intents. Clickable links in the web based chat box cannot be created. You cannot download the training data. You cannot search across all the intents you create.
  5. 2. Snatchbot Building chatbot using visual flow editor. Features:- Picking from pre-defined bot templates. Storing user‘s data. Picking the best answer using AI. Sending attachments in bot messages. Setting up keyword auto responses. Enabling your bot to send an email notification. Setting up multilingual chatbot. Creating a custom link to your bot. Chatting with users directly inside the chatbot platform.
  6. Disadvantages:- One lacking point is NLP. It does have Natural Language Processing (NLP) but that is not as powerful as Dialogflow.
  7. Easily integrates with:-  Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp LiveChat Slack WordPress Shopify Twillio MailChimp Google Sheets Intercom Skype Zapier Stripe
  8. 3. Chatfuel API . Features:- Contact History . Customizable Branding . Picking the best answer using AI. Email Integration . Sending attachments in bot messages. Knowledge Base . Multi-Channel Communication . Prioritizing. Real Time Monitoring . Social Media Integration. Third Party Integrations. Setting up multilingual chatbot. Monitoring.
  9. Easily integrates with:- Messenger Google Sheets WordPress Zapier Stripe Shopify LiveChat Slack Skype Intercom Twillio WhatsApp
  10. Support for branching, variable operations & non-linear conversations is poor or absent. Disadvantages:- No support for subroutines, jumping around a conversation etc. NLP is limited. Support is limited. There’s a community board. Poor documentation.