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                      SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT
                           PONDICHERRY UNIVERS...
                                                                                      sumer Durable Items

Consumer Durable Items


Rise in disposable income: The demand for c...
Consumer Durable Items

         Sales forecasting starts with referring to th...
Consumer Durable Items


  a)   Facilitatio...
Consumer Durable Items


        The Indian consumer remains one of the most upbeat globally. The Nielsen G...
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Consumer Durable Items

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Consumer Durable Items

  1. 1. DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY Consumer Durable Items – Demand determinants Forecast & its Limitations Factors of Purchase Decision Assignment done by: KAMALAKKANNAN G Section – B MBA – I year
  2. 2. Cons sumer Durable Items Introduction: This paper starts with basic definition of consumer durable item and then followed by demand parameters of customer durable items like air conditioner and forecasting techniques employed in deducing the demand for it. Sequentially, determinants of the purchase of a consumer durable item by a household unit , are discussed in the second part. India in its 62 years of journey seen manifold increase in the income of its denizens (Rs.38,084 as on 2009) and this has led to paradigm shift in the purchasing behaviour of the people here. There is a discernible shift in the consumer’s preference in favour of higher end, technologically superior branded products, the favour demand being spurred by increasing consumer awareness and preference for new models. This shift is also because of the increase in manufacture of branded products and narrowing down of pric price between branded and non-branded goods. Competition has forced the companies to offer efficient after sales branded service and support and this, in turn, has swayed customer preference for branded products. Post liberalization there has been inundation of goods transcending the borders and the customer tion has a wider choice; breaking the shackles of the consumers regarding limitations of choices. Indian consumer durables market used to be dominated by a few domestic players like Godrej, Allwyn, Kelvinator, and Voltas. like But post-liberalization many foreign companies have entered into India, dethroning the Indian players and liberalization dominating the market. The major categories in the market are CTVs, refrigerators, air air-conditioners and washing machines. Air conditioner is categorized as miscellaneous items in white goods. Other major subdivisions are Refrigerator equipment, Stoves and washing equipments. 1|Page
  3. 3. Consumer Durable Items i) DETERMINANTS OF DEMAND FOR CONSUMER DURABLE ITEMS Rise in disposable income: The demand for consumer electronics has been rising with the increase in disposable income coupled with more and more consumers falling under the double income families. The growing Indian middle class is an attraction for companies who are out there to woo them. Availability of newer variants of a product: Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing products. Newer variants of a product will help a company in getting the attention of consumers who look for innovation in products. Product pricing: The consumer durables industry is highly price sensitive, making price the determining factor in increasing volumes, at least for lower range consumers. For middle and upper range consumers, it is the brand name, technology and product features that are important. Availability of financing schemes: Availability of credit and the structure of the loan determine the affordability of the product. Sale of a particular product is determined by the cost of credit as much as the flexibility of the scheme. Rise in the share of organized retail: Rise in organized retail will set the growth pace of the Indian consumer durables industry. According to a working paper released by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), organized retail which constituted a mere four percent of the retail sector in FY07 is likely to grow at 45-50% per annum and quadruple its share in the total retail pie 16% by 2011-2012. The share will grow with bigger players entering the market. Innovative advertising and brand promotion: Sales promotion measures such as discounts, free gifts and exchange offers help a company in distinguishing itself from others. Festive season sales: Demand for colour TVs usually pick up during the festive seasons. As a result most companies come out with offers during this period to cash in on the festive mood. This period will continue to be the growth driver for consumer durable companies. 2|Page
  4. 4. Consumer Durable Items SALES FORECASTING OF CUSTOMER DURABLE ITEM Sales forecasting starts with referring to the previous year sales performance of that particular factor. One point to remember when sales forecasting is that if you plan to work with a bank for financing, you will want to do multiple estimates so as to have more confidence in the sales forecast. Sales Forecasting Method #1 For your type of business, what is the average sales volume per square foot for similar stores in similar locations and similar size? This isn't the final answer for adequate sales forecasting, since a new business won't hit that target for perhaps a year. But this approach is far more scientific than a general 2 percent figure based on household incomes. Sales Forecasting Method #2 For your specific location, how many households needing your goods live within say, one mile? How much will they spend on these items annually, and what percentage of their spending will you get, compared to competitors? Do the same for within five miles (with lower sales forecast figures). (Use distances that make sense for your location.) Sales Forecasting Method #3 If you offer say, three types of goods plus two types of extra cost services, estimate sales revenues for each of the five product/service lines. Make an estimate of where you think you'll be in six months (such as "we should be selling five of these items a day, plus three of these, plus two of these.") and calculate the gross sales per day. Then multiply by 30 for the month. USE & ABUSE OF FORECASTING The sales forecasting done for Air-conditioner like durable material may be done with utmost sincerity but the factor responsible for the current year may not be responsible for the subsequent years. The sales factor emphasis due to increase in money flow this year may also be shifted due to hot summer in the next year. Air-conditioners sales have a dependency factor of Monsoon also. Forecasting next year’s monsoon to precise level may not be possible at this very instant. The demand also includes the climate prevailing in the earth. Every year through global warming there is an increase in temperature by ½ to 1 degree. This may also stimulate the demand of the product. Though we use statistics / software products in forecasting the sales there are some glitches in measuring some of the factors. 3|Page
  5. 5. Consumer Durable Items ii) DETERMINANTS OF THE PURCHASE OF A CONSUMER DURABLE ITEM BY HOUSEHOLD: a) Facilitation of day to day life In order to facilitate everyday and relying on help with mechanised electrical equipments, which are made for the easy going on life, will tend to purchase a consumer durable items. This is utility based buying. b) Replacement of the existing one for trend / bad condition This buying is of mandatory one, since usage in the earlier days might certainly make them more aggressive in buying a new one may be for lack in working condition or for the trend change in the current market scenario. c) Just buying for status Status buying doesn’t have any motive or reasons other than to posses the product for status symbol. There may not be any necessity or usage for the product. This is not a utility based buy. d) For Business Sometimes for carrying out a business in home, there is a requirement of durable items. This is to provide the required service for home made business which is running successfully in rural, even in urban areas of India. e) For entertaining / securing ourselves For getting entertained in leisure times, to make ourselves secure from the environment which we survive are some of the reasons / determinants of going for a product by a household unit. 4|Page
  6. 6. Consumer Durable Items CONCLUSION: The Indian consumer remains one of the most upbeat globally. The Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence study, conducted by Nielsen, a market research company revealed that Indians are "the most optimistic lot globally who think that their country will be out of the economic recession in the next twelve months." In fact, it is widely believed that the Indian market will fuel the growth of multinational companies in the coming years. While most leading companies are cutting costs in the US and Europe, they see India as a strategic market, which can fuel their growth. 5|Page
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