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Fulbright Finland Staff Workshop


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Fulbright Finland Staff Workshop

  1. Becoming  a  NGO:  Best  Practices  in  Using  Social  Media  for   Networking  and  Relationship  Marketing Beth  Kanter Master  Trainer,  Speaker,  and  Author
  2. @kanter www.bethkanter.org Beth  Kanter: Master  Trainer,  Speaker,  Author and   Nonprofit  Thought  Leader
  3. My  Work:  The  Networked  Nonprofit Networked  Nonprofits  are  simple,  agile,  and   transparent       Listen  and  engage  with  networks  of  people   and  organizations  to  reach  outcomes Staff  and  board  leverage  their  professional   networks  in  service  of  mission Experts  at  using  social  media  and  online   collaboration  tools  to  make  the  world  a  better   place      
  4. Beth 356,371 Conan 236,251
  5. Three  Digital  Revolutions
  6. Example
  7. Example
  8. Traditional  Nonprofit
  9. Networked  Nonprofit
  10. Source:  Heather  McLeod  Grant
  11. Networked  Leadership  Mindset  and  Skillsets • Leadership  through  active  social  participation  and   engagement • Listening  and  cultivating  organizational  and   professional  networks,  including  influencers • An  authentic  voice  and  compelling  personal  brand • Transparent,  agile,  and  responsive • Shares  content  with  and  from  network  to  create   positive  loop • Social  media  literacy  and  comfort • Effective  online  collaboration  internally  and  w/   outsiders
  12. Start  With  Your  Insiders!! Staff Board • Believe  in  your  organization • Have  the  desire  to  work  to   make  things  better • Understand  your  nonprofit   mission  and  the  bigger   picture • Already  have  great  stories   about  your  organization • Have  networks  who  may   already  be  interested  in  your   organization • Know  your  organization  and   industry  really  well • May  already  be  using  social   media  channels
  13. RWJF:      Foundation  Strategy  -­‐ #cultureofhealth “We  believe  that  striving   toward  a  culture  of  health   will  help  us  realize  our   mission  to  improve  health   and  health  care  for  all   Americans. ” GOALS Inform Behavior  Change Audience: Grantees,  Researchers,  Policy   Makers,  Practitioners
  14. http://www.cultureofhealth.org/
  15. Socially-­‐Engaged  Staff  Support  #cultureofhealth Audience: Specific  content  areas,  grants,   and  communities
  16. Socially-­‐Engaged  Staff:  Social  Media  Plans  and  Personal  Brands
  17. Adding  Social  to  Thought  Leadership  Activities In  the  field Sharing  Expert  Presentations   Live  Tweeting  Conferences Monthly  Chats
  18. Given  all  the  benefits,  what  is  holding  insiders  back?    Why   run  from  leveraging  their  networks?
  19. Personal Professional Private Public Personal Professional Private Public Worlds  Collide:  Identity  and  Boundaries  Before  Social  Media
  20. Turtle • Profile  locked  down  (or  not  present) • Share  content  with  family  and  personal  friends • Little  benefit  to  your  organization/professional Jelly  Fish • Profile  open  to  all • Share  content  &  engage  frequently  with  little  censoring • Potential  decrease  in  respect Chameleon   • Profile  open,  curated  connections • Engagement  Strategy:    Purpose,  Audience,  Persona,  Tone • Increased  thought  leadership  for  you  and  your  organization Based  on  “When  World’s  Collide”    Nancy  Rothbard,  Justin  Berg,  Arianne  Ollier-­‐Malaterre  (2013) What  Kind  of  Social  Animal  Are  You?  
  21. Socially  Engaged  Nonprofit  Leader:  In  Service  of  Mission
  22. Brand  Twitter  Account:  Save  the  Children Audience: Supporters,  Donors,   Advocates
  23. Audience: Influencers,  Donors   Journalists,  Policy   Makers,  World   Leaders
  24. Save  the  Children:  Go  #Lunchless
  25. Purpose   Audience Persona Tone Leader Profile Leadership  Strategy  on  Social
  26. Your  Social    Profile  is  an  Elevator  Speech • What  is  your  professional  expertise? • Why  should  someone  follow  you?   • What  hashtags  or  keywords  align  with   your  objectives,  audiences? • Does  your  cover  image  align  with  your   objectives,  audiences?   • What  makes  you  human? • Disclaimer?  
  27. Many  More  Tips  in  the  Book www.bethkanter.org The  Happy  Healthy  Nonprofit http://bit.ly/happyhealthynpbook