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IFC Asia Master Class

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IFC Asia Master Class

  1. Your  Digital  Strategy   Creating  A  Plan  for  Optimizing  your  NGO’s  Digital  Presence Beth  Kanter Tharum  Bun @kanter @tharum
  2. @kanter www.bethkanter.org Beth  Kanter: Master  Trainer,  Speaker,  Author  and   Nonprofit  Thought  Leader
  3. Tharum  Bun:  Tech  blogger  &  communications  specialist
  4. Who  is  here? Intros Name,  Title,  NGO Poll -­‐Strategy,  Implementation,  Both -­‐Staffing
  5. TOPICS OUTCOMES Buffet   Interactive Reflective FRAMING The  Agenda Implement  one   small  step  to   improve  or   create  NGO   digital  strategy • Introduction • Digital  Trends • Digital   Assessment • Writing  Your   Digital  Strategy • Content  &  Social   Media  Channels • Q/A   • Reflection Resources:    http://bethkanter.wikispaces.com/IFC-­ASIA
  6. Think  and  Share • What  are  your  burning  questions   about  digital  strategy?  
  7. Online  Poll Just  three  words  to  describe  your  organization’s   biggest  challenge  around  creating  and   implementing  a  digital  strategy? Slido.com IFC-­‐ASIA http://bit.ly/IFC-­‐ASIA-­‐1
  8. Think Global, Act Local What NGOs Fundraisers Need To Know About Digital Trends
  9. Google:              Loon  Project Facebook:      Internet.org
  10. Mekong ICT Camp
  11. Digital  mapping  is  one  of  Open  Development  Cambodia’s  key   strengths.
  12. Donation  is  easy!  Simply  send  an  sms  to  5025   to  donate  50  cents
  13. Global Digital Trends
  14. Trend 1: Explosion of media channels and online content and it is harder to capture attention
  15. Content Is King, Storytelling is Queen
  16. Transmedia Storytellingg
  17. Strategy: Storytelling is Social Content must be relevant, engaging, emotional or humorous. Story must be shared across different channels.
  18. Trend 2: The first global generation who has grown up with the Internet, Mobile, and Social Networks.
  19. MEET
  20. Gen  Z  has   larger   networks,   more  global 27%  of   World   population
  21. Facebook  +  FingerFie =  voter  turnout  in   Cambodia  commune  election
  22. Facebook  +  Fingerfie  =  voter   turnout  in  Cambodia  commune   election
  23. Civic  engagement
  24. Source:    Study  by  Kantar-­Millward-­Brown
  25. Khmer  language  transliterated  into  Roman
  26. UNICEF:  How  Can  You  Adapt  Your  Campaigns  for  Them?
  27. Strategy: GEN Z They respond to humor and good storytelling that is highly visual and brief. Speak their language and let them customize their donor experience with your NGO
  28. Trend 3: Trust in institutions is decreasing while influence of “personal brands and networks” is increasing. People trust employees of NGO as an information source. They also are likely to seek out information from people in their online networks.
  29. Trust  of  Nonprofit  Brands  Is  Eroding
  30. Networked  Nonprofit
  31. Source:  Heather  McLeod  Grant
  32. Save  the  Children:  Go  #Lunchless
  33. Connectivity and social media also can help you create an army of ambassadors to share your NGO’s stories and influence people in their networks
  34. Coordinating  &  Amplifying  Digital  Ambassadors  =  Impact “When  you  hear  an  idea  from  two   people,  it  counts  for  twice  as  much   as  if  you  randomly  hear  it  once.     And  if  you  hear  an  idea  from  ten   people,  the  impact  is  completely   off  the  charts  compared  to  just  one   person  whispering  in  your  ear.   Coordinating  and  amplifying  the   evangelists  of  your  idea  is  a  big   part  of  the  secret  of  marketing   with  impact.”   Seth  Godin
  35. Strategy: Brand Presence Is Not Enough Staff should be present on digital media channels as their personal brand and leverage networks. Identify and cultivate supporters to share stories with their networks, focus on those who influence others decisions.
  36. Digital  Trends:  Global  and  Local ● How  do  these  trends   influence  your  NGO’s   thinking  about  digital   strategy? ● What  have  you  thought   about  before? ● What  resonated?    
  37. Your  NGO’s  Digital  Strategy • Written  outline  that  focuses  on  the   big  picture created  by  staff   responsible  for  implementation • Gets  input  from  staff   • Determines  how  to  best  invest   limited  resources  and  staff  time • Assesses  your  digital  assets  – website,  content,  social  media,   email,  and  mobile  presence  to  help   your  NGO  achieve  impact • Short  timeframe,  technology   changes  fast Resource:    http://www.care2services.com/2017-­digital-­outlook-­report
  38. A  Digital  SWOT  Analysis • Strength:  What’s  good?  Something  that  you  are  doing  well.   • Weakness:  What’s  bad?  An  area  you  need  to  improve.   • Opportunity:  What’s  easy  to  improve?  Changes  or  strengths   that  you  can  take  advantage  of.  Areas  of  weakness  that  can  be   improved  upon.   • Threat:  What  is  stopping  you  from  turning  a  weakness  into  an   opportunity?  Obstacles  that  you  are  facing.   Strategy Digital  Level Investment Staff Channels Mobile  Presence Website Social   Media Content Email Source:   http://www.care2services.com/2017-­digital-­outlook-­report
  39. What  level  is  your  NGO’s  strategy? Crawl No  digital  strategy  in  place Walk Informal  digital  strategy    or  strategy  outline  for  one   channel  that  includes  objectives,  audience,  metrics,   consistent  communication/frequency,   and  part  time  staff   for  digital. Run Formal,  written  digital  strategy  for  several  channels,   measurable  objectives,  target  audiences  and  personas,   communications   &  frequency  for  each  channel,  full-­‐time   staff  dedicated  to  digital,  metrics,  ROI  analysis,  annual   analysis  of  channels,  and  experiments  with  digital   platforms.
  40. Online  Poll Slido.com IFC-­‐ASIA http://bit.ly/IFC-­ASIA-­2
  41. Where’s  Your  Organization  Now? ● What  do  you  need  to  do  to  improve?    What  do   you  think  is  the  biggest  priority?
  42. How  to  Write  A  Basic  Digital  Strategy
  44. AUDIENCE: Artists  and  neighborhood   residents  interested  in  showing,  creating,   or  understanding   art. MEASURABLE  GOALS:   Increase  engagement by  2  comments  per  FB  post  by  FY  2017 Content  analysis  of    conversations:  Does  it  make  the  organization  more   accessible? Increase  enrollment in  classes  and  attendance  at  events    by  5%  by  FY  2017 10%    students  /attenders  say  they  heard  about  us  through  Facebook,  Instagram,   Twitter Convert  students  and  attendees  to  members  by  30%  by  FY  2017  or  raise  $x CONTENT Show  the  human  face  of  artists,  remove  the  mystique,  get  audience  to  share  their   favorites  artists  on  social  channels.    Focus  on  video  content,  including  FB  Live.     Donation  ask  via  email  after  they  complete  classes. CHANNELS Facebook,  Twitter,  and  Instagram  to  use  best  practices  and  align   engagement/content  with  other  channels  which  includes  flyers,  emails,  and  web   site  with  mobile  presence  and  social  sharing  widgets.         IMPLEMENTATION Two  staff  members  will  allocate  5-­‐7  hours  per  week  of  their  time.    Weekly   strategy  meeting  that  includes  planning  and  measurement.      Work  with  web   developer.   Basic  Digital  Strategy:  Kearny  Street  Workshop
  45. Step  1:  Define  Measurable  Goals Reach   Engage Action Donate Increase  engagement  by   4%  on  Facebook Increase  the  number  of   people  who  follow  us  on   Twitter  by  10% Grow  our  web  site   visitors  by  10% Grow  our  email   newsletter  by  1000   names
  46. Step  2:    Define  Your  Target  Audience Demographics Relationship Online  Usage Interests Young  people  age  18-­‐24  who  use  social  media  and  mobile  and   care  about  our  organization’s  mission.      They  have  requested   information  or  shared  information  about  a  recent  advocacy   campaign,  but  have  not  donated.    They  respond  to  humor  and   visual  content.    They  would  be  inspired  to  donate  if  they  were   asked  by  a  peer  and  or  they  could  run  their  own  fundraiser.
  47. Step  3:  Get  A  Deeper  Understanding  of  Your  Audience RESEARCH • Analytics • Audience   Data • Survey • Interviews PERSONA • Name • Demographics • Interests • Motivations • Influences • Channels
  48. Step  3:    Create  Personas Personas  are  fictionalized  characters   to  represent  different  target  audiences   for  your  digital  strategy.      It  helps  you   create  the  right  content  and  useful   tool  when  identifying  digital  channels. Personas  save  you  time  and  make   your  digital  strategy  more  effective.
  49. Exercise:      Working  with  Personas  
  50. The  Organization • NGO  w/  a  mission  to  protect  endangered  animals • Runs  different  advocacy  campaigns,  online  petitions   and  educational  campaigns. • Needs  to  raise  money  from  online  supporters,   transforming  them  from  advocates  to  donors  to  help   support  their  field  program. • Planning  an  advocacy  campaign  to  raise  awareness   about  a  cosmetic  product  that  is  endangering   moonbears  in  Asia  because  of  the  way  it  is   manufactured.    The  process  is  cruel  and  kills  the   bears.
  51. Meet  Ming-­‐Na Who:      Millennial  who  lives  with  her  parents  and  works  at  a  bank,  interested  in  fashion  and   protecting  animals.      She  is  passionate  about  sustainability  and  has  signed  online  petitions  for   the  NGO’s  past  campaigns. What story?:      The  organization   needs  to  tell  a  story  to  help  connect  their  campaign  to  her   passion  for  protecting  animals  and  her  other  interests. What  channels  does  she  use?        She  uses  Instagram  mostly  because  of  her  fashion  interest,   but  also  nature  and  animals  photos.    She  loves  browsing   photos  -­‐ leaving  comments,  sharing   with  friends.    She  takes  photos  of  animals  and  earth  friendly  fashion  on  her  account  and   shares  on  Instagram with  her  followers  from  her  country  and  beyond.    Loves  beautiful   pictures  of  bears.   What  story  should  the  organization  tell? What  channels?
  52. Exercise:  Think  and  Write • Write  down  your  objectives  and  make  them   measurable • Describe  the  target  audiences  that  you  want   to  reach  through  digital • Write  one-­‐persona  based  on  what  you  know   about  your  audience
  53. Lunch
  54. Basic  Digital  Strategy Building  Blocks CONTENT  AND  CHANNELS
  55. The Digital Landscape SOCIAL Mobile OWNED HYBRID TRADITIONAL Content Ambassadors Source:    Edelman  Cloverleaf
  56. Digital  Content  Best  Practices • Content  themes  and  stories  resonate  with   your  audience  personas  and  support   measurable  goals   •Content  is  shared  across  channels  and   optimized  for  different  social  media  channels • Different  Formats:  Video,  Photo,  Text   • Disciplined  work  flow  to  plan,  create,  curate,   share  and  measure  
  57. THE  PLANNING  WORK  FLOW SCHEDULING  &  ORGANIZING Who,  What,  When,  Channel THEME  DISCOVERY Make  a  high  level  plan RESEARCH  &  BRAINSTORMING What  content  do  personas  want  to  consume?
  58. Content  Themes • Behind  the  scenes  at  your  organization • Stories  of  impact  about  the  target  audience • Showcase  programs  or  services • Fun  or  inspiring  stories  or  content • Educational  or  practical  tips • Industry  or  local  news,  breaking  news,  news  jacking • Research,  data,  policy  information • Curate  content  useful  to  your  audience • User-­‐generated  content
  59. Editorial  Calendar Tools:        Spreadsheet,    Buffer,  Sprout  Social,  Co-­‐Schedule,  Edgar
  60. Organizing  Your  Content  Creation  Process
  61. Visual  Content  Creation  Tools http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/visual-­‐content-­‐creation-­‐social-­‐media
  62. Exercise:  Think &  Write &  Share Pair ● Identify  content  theme.      Brainstorm  some  ideas  about   your  NGO  would  share  a  story  related  to  that  theme   that  resonates  with  your  target  audience. ❏Behind  the  scenes  at  your  organization ❏Stories  of  impact  about  the  target  audience ❏Showcase  programs  or  services ❏Fun  or  inspiring   stories  or  content ❏Educational  or  practical  tips ❏Industry  or  local  news,  breaking  news,  news  jacking ❏Research,  data,  policy  information ❏Curate  content  useful  to  your  audience ❏User-­‐generated  content
  63. Social Media Channels: Content Optimization
  64. Social  Tees  Animal  Rescue
  65. Pick  the  Best  Channels  to  Reach  Your  Audience ● Optimize  the  2-­‐3  most  important  social  platforms  first ● Optimize  for  multiple  screens ● Right  size  to  your  capacity ● Experiment  with  adding  niche  or  experimental  channels,   with  small  pilot  first  to  learn  and  incrementally  investing   based  on  results ● Repurpose  and  recycle  content  creatively  across   channels ● Measure,  learn,  improve
  66. ● Complete your FB profile, prioritized in algorithm ● Experiment with post length: Short copy could work well for clicks, whereas longer copy could work better for engagement. ● Lead with a question in your post ● Use bullet point lists ● Add a pull quote from your content ● Include an emoji or two ● Tag other pages/users ● Share content via messenger ● Images work well on Facebook, ideal size 1,200 x 630 pixels or use Canva ● Video, video, video! Experiment Facebook Live
  67. Best  Friends  Animal  Society:  Live  Broadcast  Moments  of  Impact
  68. Best  Friends  Animal  Society:  Live  Broadcast  Moments  of  Impact
  69. How  To  Get  Started 1. What  moment  of  impact  will  you  live   stream? 2. Create  a  simple  template  for  the   broadcast 3. Respond  to  commenters 4. Tell  people  WHEN  you  are  going  live   and  promote  in  advance 5. Track  your  CTAs 6. Thank  supporters  in  a  separate  post   with  a  link  to  the  video  and  Call  to   Action
  70. Exercise:  Think,  Write,  and  Share ● How  can  you  share  your  story/content  as  a   Facebook  live  event  or  a  video?    Think  about  your   goal  and  your  audience.
  71. ● 2016 - One Billion Users ● Bots - automated responses ● Early adopter stage for NGOS
  72. 1  Climate  Reality     https://www.facebook.com/climatereality/ 2  Anne  Frank  House https://www.facebook.com/annefrankhouse/ 3  National  Geographic https://www.facebook.com/NatGeoGenius/ 4  Mission/USA  (Pope) https://www.messenger.com/t/MissioUSA
  73. Break
  74. Redefining  Brand  Ambassadors  for  Digital • Any  stakeholder  who  is   passionate  about  your   organization  – Staff,  Board,   and  Supporters • Shares  information  about   your  organization  on  social   channels • Asks  their  online  social   networks  to  support  to  the   organization. Digital  Brand   Ambassadors
  75. Social  Media  Ambassador  Programs Staff/Board “Insiders” Supporters “Outsiders” Organizational Campaign
  76. Human  Rights  Watch:    Organizational  – Employee  Engagement   • Goal:  Supports  Program  and   Fundraising  Campaigns • Leverage  individual  networks  of   over  200  staff  members  on  Twitter • Social  media  policy  encourages  all   staff  to  participate  as  personal   brands • Provide  training  and  support,  with   social  media  manager  providing   support • Internal  coordination  via  listserv • Provides  value  to  staff  for  content   curation  and  media  relations
  77. Meals  on  Wheels:  Giving  Day  Campaign
  78. How  Do  Identify  Potential  Ambassadors? Start  with  your   database,  followers,   and  fans!
  79. Ambassadors:  Who  is  Most  Engaged  on  Social  Channels?
  80. Provide  A  Communications  Toolkit  with  Basics • Overview  of  organization   and  campaign • Talking  points • Brand  and  Staff  social   media  accounts • Hashtags • Sample  FB  Updates • Sample  Tweets • Sample  LinkedIn  Updates • Visual  Content  for   different  channels,   different  campaign   messages • List  of  collateral  materials   online  – logos,  important   links,  etc.
  81. Momsrising:    Joyful  Funerals…. Cultivate  Organizational  Awareness:   Momsrising:  Joyful  Funerals
  83. Open  Question  and  Answer SLIDO.COM
  84. One  Minute  of  Silent  Reflection:  I  Commit  To  … Futureme.org
  85. Book  Raffle
  86. Your  Digital  Strategy   Creating  A  Plan  for  Optimizing  your  NGO’s   Digital  Presence Beth  Kanter  and  Tharum  Bun THANK  YOU