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India NGO Peer Group

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India NGO Peer Group

  1. Becoming A Networked NGO Using Social Media Effectively Check-In Call #3Sept. 14, 2012 – 9:30 am India TimeSept. 13, 2012 – 9:00 pm California Time
  2. Arrival ….If you arrive before the start time ofthe call, announce yourself and thenmute …CHAT QUESTION: What technique foroutreach do you think you will tryfirst?
  3. AgendaRoll CallQuick Review : Promotion TipsQuick Review: Engagement TipsCheck-InNext Steps
  4. Ladder of Engagement Attention Engagement Action LoveBasedon “Birth of a Super Fan” by Aliza Sherman
  5. Cross Promote All Channels
  6. Get Attention: Use Your Individual Profile
  7. Get Attention By Giving Attention: Use YourIndividual Profile
  8. Get Attention: Staff and Volunteers Can Help
  9. 22 Ways To Get Attention#1: Put your fan page URL in your email signature#2: Write a blog post about your facebook page or point to a thread#3: Tag other, well-trafficked fan pages in your updates#4: Ask your Twitter followers to join your fan page#5: Invest in Facebook ads#6: Put a fan page widget on your blog or website#7: Call to action to join on your web site#8: Put your fan page URL on your business cards#9: Put a link on your personal Facebook profile#10: Harness the power of your team#12: Put a tag in your YouTube videos#13: Put your fan page URL on your Twitter profile background#14: QR codes for your page#15: Use your fan page (Invite friends on upper right)#16: Add a Like box#17: Use targeted keywords in a Google AdWords#18: Redirect your webinar guests to your fan page#19: Put your fan page URL in your Keynote/PowerPoint slides#20: Use the join short code#21: Recruitment Campaign - giveaways#22: Basic SEO for your page
  10. Why Does Engagement Drop?Engage in commentsGet fans to share
  11. EngagementConversation StartersOpen Ended QuestionsDifferent Types of ContentAlways Be Commenting
  12. Beethoven Festival Fan PageSpecific What is your favorite Beethoven Symphony?Yes or No Is Beethoven’s Fifth Smphony, your favorite?Timely Today is Beethoven’s Birthday! How are you celebrating?Edgy Do think music in the schools should be cut from public school budgets?Photo What do you think of Beethoven’s family portrait?True or False True or False: Beethoven was completely deaf when we wrote the 9th SymphonyDirect Why do you think people love or hate classical music?Preference Do you like early or late Beethoven?Fun If you were stuck on a deserted island with one Beethoven CD to listen to ….Events Who is attending our All-Beethoven Piano Music concert?Experience What was your favorite moment from our All-Beethoven Piano Music concert last night?Humanistic Have you seen someone fall asleep at a classical music concert?Tips What is your favorite restaurant for before concert dining?Mad Lib If Beethoven’s (fill in the name of piece) was on the concert program, I would not miss it for the world.
  13. Organization Participants Mr. Avinash ChaudharyAdvocating Reproductive Choices (ARC) Dr. Tultul Hazra Das Dr. Shilpa Shroff Dr. Shweta KrishnanAsia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP) Dr. Suchitra Dalvie Check-In Ms. Bharati RamachandranBARAPANI Mr. Chandan Shyam Ms. Smita AnandCEDPA – India Ms. Priyanka Mukherjee Mr. Tushar DeshmukhFamily Planning Association of India Ms. Bindiya NimiaGuide Star India Ms. Pushpa Aman Singh Mr. John BodraIIE India Ms. Preeti Tanwar AnandJANANI Ms. Mona Sinha Ms. Sona SharmaPopulation Foundation of India Ms. Jayati Sethi Ms. Shree Venkatram Mr. Deepak BalanPopulation Health Services India Ms. Renuka Raj Ms. Anuradha MondalReach India Mr. Alay Barah
  14. Next Action StepCan you make a plan to try 3-5 tactics perweek?Write down your number fans today andbe ready to report on if they increasedand why
  15. ADJOURNED! Have a wonderful Day!Next Call: October 12, 2012 9:30 am India Time