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  • Get access to 16,000 woodworking plans, Download 50 FREE Plans... ■■■ http://tinyurl.com/y3hc8gpw
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  • This provides a lot of food for thought. The challenges that might keep an organization crawling when it should fly with social media seem very similar to the challenges that limit our ability to use evaluation as a tool for learning more generally. Interestingly, some of the foundations leading the way in using social media have also been leaders in evaluation as a tool for learning (more generally). While the social sector is making progress (http://bit.ly/1hzFBNN) in learning how to apply assessment as a tool for learning and improving just as successful entrepreneurs do, we have a long way to go. I love the idea of a joyful funeral, but for standard evaluation topics that will be a difficult culture change. However, social media is so new that it could provide a window of opportunity for making that culture change. How do you see social media changing the culture or organizations to make them more open to learning from positive and negative comments? How can we help it lead the way?
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Knight Foundation

  1. Leading on Social PlatformsSocial Media Strategy for Foundation Leaders Beth Kanter, Master Trainer, Author, Blogger April 2013, Knight Foundation Workshop Photo by kla4067
  2. Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Author, and Blogger
  3. Maturity of Practice SocialMindsets Agenda Data- InformedInteractive
  4. Raise Your Hand If Your Social Strategy Goal Is ….  Improve relationships  Increase awareness  Increase traffic referral  Increase engagement  Change behavior  Increase dollars  Increase action
  5. Do You Use Any of These Tools?Stand Up, Sit Down … Photo by net_efekt
  6. Stay standing if your Foundation ornonprofit is using any of the digital toolsas part of your strategy and gettingresults?
  7. If you can’t fly then run, if you can’trun then walk, if you can’t walk thencrawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Maturity of Practice
  8. http://www.bethkanter.org/trust-control/
  9. Where to focus … CRAWL WALK RUN FLY Linking Social with Ladder of Network BuildingMarketing Strategy Results and EngagementDevelopment Networks Many champions and free Content Strategy agents work for youCulture Change Pilot: Focus one program or channel Best Practices Multi-Channel with measurement Engagement, Content, and Measurement and Measurement Incremental Capacity learning in all above Reflection and Continuous Improvement
  10. Four Corners of the RoomWhere is your organization now? What does that look like? What do you need to get to the next level?CRAWL FLYWalk RUN
  11. Maturity of Practice: Crawl-Walk-Run-FlyCategories Practices AverageCULTURE Networked Mindset 2.3 Institutional Support 1.5CAPACITY Staffing 1.8 Strategy 1.5MEASUREMENT Analysis 1.5 Tools 2.0 Adjustment 1.8LISTENING Brand Monitoring 1.5 Influencer Research 1.3 ENGAGEMENT Ladder of Engagement 1.5 CONTENT Integration/Optimization 1.8 NETWORK Influencer Engagement 2.0 Relationship Mapping 1.3 C4 Atlanta LA Stage Alliance 1 2 3 4 Austin Creative Alliance TOTAL AVERAGE The Alliance of Resident … Theatre Bay Area Arts & Cultural Alliance of Central … 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5
  12. Success happens by taking the rightincremental step forward especiallywhen it comes to mindsets….
  13. A Networked Mindset: A Leadership Style• Leadership through active social participation• Listening and cultivating organizational and professional networks to achieve the impact• Sharing control of decision-making• Communicating through a network model, rather than a broadcast model• Openness, transparency, decentralized decision- making, and collective action.• Being Data Informed, learning from failure
  14. From CEO to CNO (Chief Networking Officer) Feeding and tuning professional and organizational networks
  15. The Social CEO: Being Human Open and accessible to the world and building relationshipsMaking interests, hobbies, passions visible creates authenticity
  16. The Social CEO: In Service of Strategy
  17. Benefits: One CEO Tweet = 1,000 by Staff 23
  18. It’s Making the Time, Not Finding It
  19. Jim’s Advice …
  20. You want me to Tweettoo? Great idea but .. Who has time? Are you thinking this?
  21. Discussion Questions …..• What do you spend time doing as now that could be better done via social?• How could social improve what you already know and value?• What are your communication strengths and preferences?• What other foundation CEOs are using social that you respect, feel inspired by?
  22. SCALING YOURSOCIALSOCIAL Social integrated All staff will across departments connect with our or job functions community via social! Yes! CEO is on social and likes it!
  24. ALL STAFF USE SOCIAL IN SERVICE OF STRATEGY F*CK Yes! Can finally tweet This social media stuff is about our programs from my #$_)*) I have work to do! personal acount!
  25. Maturity of Practice: Scaling Social StrategyCRAWL WALK RUN FLYSocial media policy Social media policy Social media staff All staff use socialis drafted and has been discussed position includes media effectively togaining support and approved by facilitating training support organizationthrough “road leadership. other staff to use objectives.shows” with social networks.departments
  26. Social Media Policy: Don’t Let the Lawyers Scare You! • Social Media policy is a living document • Establish Good Working Relationship • Track and Share Articles • Vet Issues w/Legal • Meet when there isn’t a crisis  • Bring in social media savvy lawyers
  27. Social Media Policy – All Staff Participatehttp://www.bethkanter.org/staff-guidelines/
  28. Leverage Staff Personal Passion In Service of Mission@rdearborn works for UpWell and sheLOVES sharks.
  29. UpWell and Rachel
  30. Hybrid Model Staffing: Tear Down Those Silos Source: SSIR – Mogus, Silberman, and Roy
  31. Share Pair: How organizational cultures issues arein your way? How have you gotten past those and created a social culture?
  32. Data-Informed Not Data-Driven
  33. Data Informed Successful networks and social media start with measurement
  34. CWRF: Becoming Data Informed: What Does It look like? Crawl Walk Run Fly Lacks consistent data Data collection Data from multiple Org Wide KPIs collection consistent but not sources shared No reporting or Data not linked to System and structure for Organizational synthesis results, could be wrong data collection Dashboard with data different views, sharing Decisions based on gut Rarely makes decisions Discussed at staff Data visualization, real- to improve meetings, decisions time reporting, formal made using it reflection process Analysis Tools Sense-Making
  35. Data-Informed Culture: It starts from the top! Do Something.org
  36. Tear down those silos and walls around data …
  37. More time think about that the data, then collect it
  38. Video
  39. How To Improve Measurement Practice • Use the 7 Steps of Measurement • Identify small pilots, place little bets, learn, pivot, and iterate
  40. What is failure?
  41. Growth Mindset VS Fixed Mindset
  42. What typically happenswhen you do an After Action Review?
  43. The Fickle Finger of Failure! What It’s all failure? your fault!
  44. No! Itwas all myfault!!
  45. Dysfunctional Reactions to Failure Blame OTHERS DENY Blame Blame YOURSELF Saul Rosenzweig Theory
  46. Cultivate Self-Awareness: The Failure Bow1. Raise hands in the air and bow2. Grin like a submissive dog3. Say Thank You I’ve Failed4. Move on and learn
  47. Cultivate Organizational Awareness: DoSomething FailFest
  48. Cultivate Organizational Awareness: Momsrising: Joyful FuneralsMomsrising: Joyful Funerals….
  49. Summary• Success happens by taking the right incremental step to get to the next level, but keep moving forward• Use social media a strategy for organizational AND personal leadership• Scale your organization’s social culture with a living social media policy• Don’t let the lawyers scare you• Allow staff to leverage their personal passion in service if your strategy• Place little bets, but learn from failure and pivot
  50. Share Pair: What is one idea that you can put into practice?
  51. Thank you!www.bethkanter.orgwww.facebook.com/beth.kanter.blog@kanter on Twitter