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Lsm 1st act_speedgeekpres

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Lsm 1st act_speedgeekpres

  1. 1. 1stACT Silicon Valley Social Media Workshop Case Study Experiment Type: Twitter -What were the objectives, audience, connection to marketing plan Our objective was to connect and engage the MALI & genARTS networks to each other and within each network, recruit potential members and supporters. Ultimately, we wish to create community. Each of our networks engages artists, arts administrators, entrepreneurs, and committed arts volunteers. -What were some tactics that you tried? We used twitter buttons on articles and resources found online. These tools made it easier to push out relevant info to the network. Ex: Nonprofit Quarterly, NYT. In order to add more followers we reviewed likeminded followers’ lists and made decisions using their lists. Challenge was trying to figure out who to follow. We used hash tags in order to see who else is talking about the themes and activities that are important to our networks. We used Co-Tweet as a more efficient way to run multiple sites. It also helps keep us more organized in terms of how we manage information we push out. -What were the results? We’ve noticed that some of our participants are very active on Twitter and are much more responsive to resource announcements, etc. if we push out info through tweets. Twitter experiment started as a way to share information, post blogs about emerging leaders – a channel for information. Now it is more of a platform for communication. -If you could do this experiment all over again, what would you do differently? More work at the front end on how to use the bells and whistles that make you stand out from the rest. Spend more time at the beginning running a larger campaign about Twitter coming to the network. Used Co-Tweet earlier.
  2. 2. -What was your big ah ha or insight that you'll use in your next social media strategy? We recognize that some individuals in our networks live exclusively in the Twitterverse and that it’s important to be active in as many forms of social media as smartly as possible. One such network member is now working with us on a mentoring mini grant and a panel for a local music festival we are co-sponsoring. We are now connected in a much more meaningful way to him and his work as an emerging leader. Another AHA moment is how we were thinking about Twitter at first. We have morphed our thinking from only web based interaction to mobile interactions.