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Opera San José
       Arts Social Media Workshop: Five-Minute Rapid Report
                           June 11, 2010

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  1. 1. Opera San José Arts Social Media Workshop: Five-Minute Rapid Report June 11, 2010 Experiment: • Twitter/Listening Mashup Objective/Audience/Marketing Goals: • To promote Opera San Jose’s new season locally and nationally; generate corporate buzz; and engage a different (tech oriented) audience. • Learn about our audience and what is being said about the company, city of San Jose, downtown, opera, etc. by expanding and/improving use of Twitter account and other analysis tools. Tactics: • Participation in 2010 #operaplot competition as both an official sponsor and as an independent reviewer; offered a special prize(s)for OSJ-related #operaplot tweets • Utilized analysis tools - Tweetdeck, Friend or Follow, and Net Newswire for: o Monitoring and managing the #operaplot competition o Identifying key influencers, connecting with, and retweeting users o Creating news alerts to learn what people are saying about OSJ Results: • Increased click-thrus from #operaplot to OSJ website; 51 entries related to OSJ’s season – 6% of total #operaplot entries. Competition was less about the medium and more about being social. • Recognized that many OSJ followers we were not following back, creating an opportunity to investigate possible relationships and shared interests • Many OSJ followers are media and other opera companies, not necessarily key influencers Ah-ha Moments: • Twitter is not for ‘marketing’ – ticket promos do not materialize as ticket sales. It’s a tool for listening, engaging and discovering common interest • Discovered that an OSJ orchestra member is a key Twitter influencer, therefore, there is more opportunity to reach out to/through creatives Next Time: • Play more, promote less! www.operasj.org /operasanjose @operasanjose