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Networked NGO

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Networked NGO

  1. The Networked NGO:<br />Translating the Network NonprofitReflections on Social Media Training Internationally<br />Beth Kanter<br />Packard Foundation Program Forum<br />January 11, 2011 <br />
  2. What is a Networked Nonprofit? <br />Explore 1 principle, w/ examples of grantees<br />Insights from Africa/UK<br />
  3. Many Thanks …<br />
  4. Number 1 in Nonprofit Books<br />
  5. Many, many presentations/workshops /webinars since book launch<br />
  6. The Networked Effect <br />The Books in p<br />
  7. Self-Organized Book Virtual Book Clubs<br />
  8. Will there be a sequel? <br />
  9. What is a Networked Nonprofit?<br />
  10. In a networked world, nonprofits need to work less like this<br />Source: David Armano The Micro-Sociology of Networks<br />
  11. And more like this ….<br />With apologies to David Armano for hacking his visual! Source: The Micro-Sociology of Networks<br />
  12. Some nonprofits are born networked nonprofits, it is in their DNA ….<br />
  13. Social Culture: Not Afraid of Letting Go Control<br />
  14. Social Culture: Everyone Uses Social Media To Spread Mission<br />
  15. Other nonprofits make that transition more slowly<br />Grantee Coaching Program<br />
  16. The Networked Nonprofit <br />
  17. Social Culture<br />Everyone in the organization uses social media to engage people inside and outside the organization to improve programs, services, or reach communications goals.<br />
  18. Loss of control over their branding and marketing messages<br />Dealing with negative comments<br />Addressing personality versus organizational voice (trusting employees)<br />Make mistakes<br />Make senior staff too accessible<br />Perception of wasted of time and resources <br />Suffering from information overload already, this will cause more<br />
  19. Conversation starters, not stoppers<br />
  20. <ul><li> Leadership
  21. Explore the concerns
  22. Rule book/policy
  23. Integrate work flow</li></li></ul><li>Making it part of “work”<br />
  24. Proceed until apprehended<br />
  25. Joyful Funeral<br />
  26. What worked, what didn’t?<br />What should we stop doing?<br />What did we learn?<br />
  27. Sharing Monthly Reflections<br />
  28. Learning in Public<br />
  29. Small Intentional ExperimentFocused on one channel<br />Objective<br />Audience<br />Work Flow/Policy<br />Content Strategy<br />Engagement Strategy<br />Measurement Strategy<br />Reflect and Improve – Try it, Fix It<br />
  30. Goals:1.    To create “buzz” about Independent Sector with “non-attending audiences” through attendees’ social media mentions2.    To capture summaries of the 2010 conference to show the richness of the content as a means to promote the event for 20113.    To test pilot social media at the conference and to capture lessons learned and ideas for future social media efforts<br />Criteria for Success1.    Seven bloggers and seven Tweeters are identified and recruited to cover the event2.    Content from seven sessions is posted to the IS blog or other blogs3.    The number of retweets using the hashtag #ISconf increases from 20094.    The team gains social media  experience and identified key learnings<br />
  31. What can we learned about a try and fix approach to social media from Kanye West?<br />
  32. Source: @clairew<br />
  33. Source: @clairew<br />
  34. Source: @clairew<br />
  35. Source: @clairew<br />
  36. A few reflections on NGOs/Social Media/Workshops<br />
  37. ihub : Nairboi<br />Workshop: 50 NGOS <br />
  38. Beth Kanter<br />Packard Foundation<br />Program Forum<br />A few reflections on NGOs/Social Media/Workshops<br />
  39. Different delivery approaches<br />-Full group- Share pair<br />-Shoulder to shoulder<br />
  40. Transparency and Real Time Translation <br />
  41. The Nonprofit Fortress<br />
  42. Transparent<br />Sponges<br />
  43. Are you a Fortress or a Sponge?<br />
  44. Simplicity<br />Slowness <br />
  45. Thank you<br />