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Nonprofits and the Age of Automation: Bots, AI, and Struggle for Humanity

#18NTC - Allison Fine and Beth Kanter Presentation at NTEN Conference

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Nonprofits and the Age of Automation: Bots, AI, and Struggle for Humanity

  1. The Age of Automation: Bots, AI, and The Struggle for Humanity Beth Kanter & Allison Fine NTC – April 11, 2018 #18NTCageofai
  2. Speakers: Allison Fine and Beth Kanter #18NTCageofai Beth Kanter www.bethkanter.org @kanter Allison Fine www.allisonfine.com @afine
  3. The Age of Automation: Bots, AI And The Struggle For Humanity Hashtag: #18NTCageofai Collaborative Notes, Resources, and Evaluation: http://po.st/18NTCageofai Agenda Overview of Age of Automation Nonprofit Examples Exercise, Discussion, and Q/A
  4. The Age of Automation: Artificial Intelligence Computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. Deep Blue plays chess with Kasparov and won in 1996
  5. The Age of Automation: Natural Language Artificial Intelligence
  6. The Age of Automation: Super Artificial Intelligence “Artificial intelligence could spur the creation of a robot dictator that could rule mankind forever. Governments or other entities could create a dangerous AI that could outlive human leaders and never be destroyed — and that one way to avoid this is to democratize AI.” – Elon Musk, “Do You Trust This Computer?”
  7. The Age of Automation: Machine Learning A form of Artificial Intelligence that uses algorithms to automatically find patterns in large amounts of data with limited or no human intervention.
  8. The Age of Automation: Machine Learning
  9. The Age of Automation: Machine Learning
  10. The Age of Automation: Robots
  11. The Age of Automation: Robots
  12. The Age of Automation: ChatBots • There are more than 100,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger • Now the technology has become easier to use “boring” and anyone can create a chatbot
  13. The Age of Automation: Bots and Robots As Companions • By 2020, 80% of our interactions will be with bots
  14. The Age of Automation: Conversational Interfaces
  15. The Age of Automation: Smart Devices Electronic device connected to other devices or networks that operate interactively and autonomously
  16. The Age of Automation Nonprofit Sector
  17. Benefits: The Nonprofit Office of the Future Survey audience Engage donors Schedule meetings Admin Tasks 24/7 Answer questions Capture leads Analyze data Write fundraising pitches Deliver programs & services
  18. Climate Reality – Get Email Address or Opt-In for Messaging
  19. Bots: Activism and Botivistim
  20. Charity:Water – Raise Awareness for Social Good Cause
  21. MENCAP: Encourage Empathy
  22. SFMOMA: Open Up Exhibits
  23. UNICEF: Engagement and Influence Policy U-Report is a free tool for community participation, designed to address issues that the population cares about.
  24. Liberia Voice Matters The bot polls its followers on a range of topics and uses the data to help influence public policy. In Liberia, the bot asked 13,000 young people if teachers at their schools were exchanging grades for sex. Some 86 percent said yes, uncovering a widespread problem and prompting Liberia’s minister of education to work with UNICEF on addressing it.
  25. World Food Program: Information Delivery
  26. GYANT and ZIKABOT: Public Health Information
  27. ALEXA: Examples for Social Good
  28. Woebot VS Crisis Text Line
  29. ● Where is the line between advocacy and manipulation? (Particularly as it relates to fundraising.) ● How to avoid algorithmic discrimination? ● What is happening with users’ data? Ethical Questions ….
  30. What Your Nonprofit Should Be Doing Now Understand Adoption Trends Get Hands-On Experience Design A Simple Pilot Evaluate and Iterate
  31. Think-Pair-Share How might a bot help your nonprofit achieve success? What pushback would you expect from your leadership team or board? How would you craft and present a bot experiment to your leadership team? How would you involve your stakeholders?
  32. Please take the session evaluation http://po.st/JEBjtZ
  33. THANK YOU …. #18NTCageofai Beth Kanter www.bethkanter.org @kanterAllison Fine www.allisonfine.com @afine