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Sf girls chorus

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Sf girls chorus

  1. 1. SAN FRANCISCO GIRLS CHORUS EXPERIMENT TYPE: LISTENING 1. Objective, Audience, and Integration With Marketing Goals Objectives: Brand monitoring, finding influencers Audience:  Facebook: Alumnae, parents, choristers, and their friends and family  Twitter: Classical music influencers  Melanie’s blog: Facebook and Twitter audiences combined  Foursquare: Tenants and users of the building Marketing goals: Assess response to ongoing social media campaign. 2. What were some tactics you used? We monitored our keywords on all of the following: Social Mention Google Alerts Facebook Twitter Youtube Foursquare Yelp Each was cross-linked and promoted on Facebook, the center of social media activity for SFGC. 3. What were the results? Mostly neutral mentions – repostings of our calendar listings. Uncovered unauthorized video content through Social Mention Blogs: Mentions on blogs written by members of our internal community, a few arts blogs Radio web mentions on FB and TW Organizational partners mentioning SFGC in their social media. 4. If you were to do this all over again, what would you do differently? Incorporate a task about interactivity best practices, insuring more and better exchanges with constituents. 5. What was your big ah Ha or insight that you’ll use in your next social media strategy? 1. Reviewing the long-term Facebook response, we saw a big spike in interactivity in March. This is the month of many links related to our Gala concert and our Level III/IV Fundraiser. We concluded that the content associated with these events is what interests our Facebook audience the most.  Many links to follow  Many organizational partners  Glamorous content like wineries, auction items, etc.  Video of larger Chorus School levels (III and IV) with corresponding large numbers of friends and family 2. The more social-media-savvy organizational partners, the better for SFGC social media content.