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The Happy Healthy Nonprofit Marketer: AMA Keynote

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Keynote delivered for the American Marketing Association nonprofit conference

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The Happy Healthy Nonprofit Marketer: AMA Keynote

  1. The Happy Healthy Nonprofit Marketer Marketing from the Inside Out: Networks and Self-Care Beth Kanter, Master Trainer, Speaker, Author American Marketing Association Conference July, 2016
  2. Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Author, Speaker and Blogger @kanter www.bethkanter.org
  3. Three Digital Revolutions Mobile Broadband Social Networks
  4. Koffing: Posion Gas Pokemon
  5. Leverage Both Organizational and Individual Networks
  6. The Brand Presence Is Not Enough Audience: Supporters, Donors, Advocates
  7. Audience: Influencers, Journalists, Policy Makers, World Leaders, Major Donors
  8. RWJF: Foundation Strategy - #cultureofhealth “We believe that striving toward a culture of health will help us realize our mission to improve health and health care for all Americans. ” GOALS Inform Behavior Change Audience: Grantees, Researchers, Policy Makers, Practitioners
  9. Leveraging the Networks of Staff #cultureofhealth Audience: Specific content areas, grants, and communities
  10. Staff Ambassadors: Social Media Plans and Personal Brands
  11. Add Social to Thought Leadership Activities In the field Sharing Expert Presentations Live Tweeting Conferences Monthly Chats
  12. Leadership Profile on Social: BenefitsBe Networked from Inside Out • Leadership buy-in and support • Identify staff skill and comfort levels • Meet them where they are at • Strategically link their professional interests and passion for the mission • Provide training, support, and encouragement • Make it a cultural norm • Reward, celebrate success
  13. Share Pair What are some ways that you have successfully engaged leaders and staff as social media ambassadors?
  14. Why A Book About Self Care and Workplace Well-Being?
  15. Beth 399 Beth’s Story Healthy Range >150 Triglycerides: Test Results
  16. Too Much of This … #15ntcwalkiswork
  17. Too Much of That
  18. A Little Bit of That
  19. Way Too Much of This …. Working nights and weekends Sleep deprivation No vacation or down time
  20. Triglycerides: Test Results 99
  21. Where do you find the time in your work day?
  22. Allen Kwabena Frompong Black Lives Matter NYC
  23. ● Why ● Assessment ● Self-Care Plan ● Habit Change Part 1: Self-Care for Individuals
  24. Burnout Is Sneaky!
  25. The Nonprofit Burnout Assessment: Passion Fatigue Passion Driven Passion Waning Passion Challenged Passion Depleted
  26. What is Self-Care? Self-Care is about revitalization. It includes any deliberate and consistent habits you create to enhance your overall well being.
  27. 5 Spheres of Happy Healthy Living YOU SELF OTHERS ENVIRONMENT TECH WORK The Self-Care Plan Checklist
  28. Practice Goals Sphere 1: Self -Get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. -Eat more fruits and vegetables every day. -Get to 10,000 steps per day walking. Sphere 2: Others -Make a regular date with my partner and/or children – one-on- one – to give my relationships attention. -Divest myself of negative influences, moving consciously away from people who bring me down. Sphere 3: Environment -Stop what I’m doing at least once a day to go outside. -Clear clutter from my office desk Sphere 4: Work and Money -Take comp time when I’m attending work-related evening events. -Stand up from my desk every 15 minutes to stretch and walk around. Sphere 5: Tech -Set up a charging station at the front door for all of my/my family’s digital devices. -Keep all my digital devices out of my bedroom and off my dinner table. Example of Self-Care Plan
  29. Pick Cue Track Check Do Happy Healthy Habit Change
  30. A Simple Way To Practice Mindfulness At Work -Two Minutes of Focusing on Breath -Two Minutes of No Agenda
  31. Creating A Mindfulness Habit Trigger
  32. • What is one self-care habit you want to build? What’s your trigger? Mindful Moment
  33. ● Culture ● Employee Engagement ● Programs and Activities ● Nudges and Cues ● Policies, Strategy Bringing Self-Care Into the Workplace
  34. Changing An Organizational Culture That Eats French Fries for Breakfast Organizational leaders model self-care and don’t ridicule it, ignore it, or give lip service When employees are engaged in creating a culture of we-care or else there will be either a steak and scotch rebellion or frequent self-care abusers Not a quick fix with tactics or activities, requires patience
  35. Avoid Quick Fixes
  36. Crisis Response Network: Listen and Engage Employees to Shift the Culture 1: Functioning Do people have what they need to do their job? 2: Feelings Do people feel appreciated and respected? 3: Friendship Do people feel connected to one another? 4: Forward Do people feel like they have opportunities for growth? 5: Fulfillment Do people feel like they are inspired and working towards a higher purpose? Laura Putnam – 5 F’s Framework
  37. Hazon: Leverage Staff Champions Wednesday Afternoon Weekly Walk -After lunch for 20 minutes to energize and build community
  38. Building A Movement Inside Your Organization
  39. • Does your organization’s culture amplify stress or nurture well-being at the office? • How can you encourage wellbeing in the workplace?
  40. Summary • Empower all staff and board to leverage their personal brand and networks in service of your marketing goals • Effective staff ambassadors are happy and healthy and the organization helps sustain it • If you want your marketing strategy to have impact, practice self-care as part of the work!
  41. Thank you! www.bethkanter.org www.facebook.com/beth.kanter.blog @kanter on Twitter