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The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: NTC Slides

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Nonprofit Technology Conference NTC - 2016 Presentation

The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: NTC Slides

  1. NTC  2016:    Nonprofit  Technology  Conference Happy  Healthy  Nonprofit:   Using  Tech  for  a  Healthier  Work  and  Life #16NTCfitnp Beth  Kanter,    Aliza  Sherman,  and  Gina  Schmeling Wednesday,  March  23 3:30  pm  -­‐ 5:00  pm
  2. #16NTCfitnp
  3. Materials  &  Notes http://po.st/fitnp-­‐16NTC
  4. Speaker  Introductions
  5. Aliza  Sherman:  Web  Pioneer,  Author,  Speaker,  Tech  Wellness  Advocate
  6. I  am  the  tech  evangelist  who  wants   you  to  disconnect…
  7. Gina  Schmeling Director  of  Individual  Giving @nyginaschmeling,  @hazon Gina  Schmeling:  Fundraiser,  Runner,  Community  Builder,  NTEN  local  NYC  Co-­‐Organizer
  8. Beth  Kanter:    Trainer,  Author,  Speaker  and  Nonprofit  Thought  Leader @kanter www.bethkanter.org
  9. Dashboard  To  Collect  Data  Connected  To  Goals
  10. Session  Agenda • Tech  Wellness  Score • Tech  Wellness  for   individuals  – Techniques • Reflection • Tech  Wellness  for   organizations  – Case   Study • Reflection/Raffle
  11. Poll:   Stand  up  if  …… • You  are  a  staff  member  for  a   non-­‐profit  organization • You  are  a  consultant • Other
  12. Poll:    Stand  up  if  …… • Your  organization  has  a  wellness   program  that  encourages  movement  in   the  workplace • Your  organization  has  a  wellness   program  that  encourages  community  or   rituals  or  social  connections
  13. Tech  Wellness Assessment   Questions Is  Your  Technology  Use  Healthy?
  14. Information Overload What’s  Your  Tech  Wellness  Score? 1.Is  the  only  time  you  take  a  break  from  your  tech  when  you’re  sleeping? 2.Do  you  check  your  phone  before  you  go  to  bed  or  right  when  you  wake  up? 3.Do  you  have  problems  recalling  information  and  resort  to  searching  on  Google? 4.Do  you  feel  that  you  often  have  a  hard  time  paying  attention  or  focusing  on  a  single  task? 5.Do  you  experience  frustration  at  the  amount  of  online  information  you  need  to  process   every  day? 6.Do  you  frequently  or  constantly  check  your  email,  Twitter,  Facebook  or  other  online   services? 7.Do  you  sometimes  check  your  mobile  phone  for  messages  while  in  the  bathroom? 8.Do  you  find  yourself  reaching  for  your  phone  even  when  you’re  with  others? 9.Do  you  sit  at  your  computer  at  work  or  home  for  longer  than  30  minutes  at  a  time   without  getting  up  to  take  a  break? 10.Do  you  ever  check  your  mobile  phone  while  walking  outside? Add  up  all  the  questions  you  answered  “YES”  to  for  your  score
  15. 0…1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10 Healthy……………………………………………………Unhealthy   What’s  Your  Technology  Wellness  Score?
  16. How  To  Improve  Your  Technology  Wellness
  17. Body  effects Tech  Sickness Text  neck,  eye  strain, sleep  disturbance
  18. We  have  no  downtime. 52%  of  smartphone  owners  check  their  phones  a   few  times  an  hour  or  more.
  19. Energy  Depleted Mindless Mindful
  20. Being   Mindful   means   pausing,   paying   attention,   being  aware. “ ”
  21. Turn Me Off! Not  an  appendage! 94% carry it around. 82% never turn it off.
  22. Set  up  a  charging  station.
  23. Permission  to  Unplug
  24. March 3-4, 2017
  25. Take  a  Real  Vacation.
  26. Digital  Detoxes
  27. Monitoring  Tech
  28. Mindful  Tech
  29. Tech  Wellness
  30. A  Journey  of  10,000  Steps  Begins  with  the  1st Step • What  is  one  tiny  habit  you  can  start  to   improve  your  tech  wellness? • What  is  your  trigger?
  31. Your  Technology  Wellness  Road  Map
  32. Self Others EnvironmentWork Technology
  33. ● Culture   ● Employee  Engagement ● Leadership  Modeling ● Nudges  and  Cues ● Programs  and  Activities ● Policies,  Strategy
  34. A  Happy,  Healthy  Nonprofit Changing  Your  Culture  One   Sneaker  at  a  Time
  35. HAZON  means  Vision  in  Hebrew Climate  change  is  real.  What  can  we  do? We  create  a  healthier  and  more  sustainable   Jewish  community,  and  a  healthier  and  more   sustainable  world  for  all.
  36. Our  Work • Transformative  Experiences Retreats,  Bike  Rides,  Food  Conferences • Thought-­‐Leadership Youth  Programs • Capacity  Building Micro-­‐Grants,  Community  Support
  38. We  Get  People  Outside!
  39. Isabella  Freedman  Jewish  Retreat  Center   A  “magical  place”  to  relax  and  refresh
  40. Challenge:   Connect  Green  Values  +  Work Culture
  41. A  Runner’s  View  of  Hazon
  42. Tech  Solutions With  Google,   Wellness  and   Freedom. The  Calendar   makes  it  real! Walk!
  43. WAW  +  Google  Cal  =  Movement
  44. Space  to  Stand,  Move,  Sit
  45. Standing  Desks  .  .  .  going  Viral! #FreeHody  -­ this  guy  needs  a   Standing  Desk
  46. Rituals  Frame  our   Relationship  with  Tech
  47. Opening,  Closing  Circles Zoom  conferencing  that  is   warm,  friendly.  Human! • Open  and  Close  with   Circles.   • Everyone  is  heard  and   seen.   • Video  participants  are   special. • Newbies  are  honored.
  48. Tech  in  an  Open,  Generative  Culture We  strive  for  transparency.   We  use  Google  platforms  for  discussion,  inclusion,  and  to  create   personal  time. We  help  others  move,  connect  to  the  natural  world,  and  have   transformative  experiences.  Our  social  and  web  channels  provide   tools.   Our  systems  reflect  our  values.  When  possible,  they  strengthen   them.   Chevruta -­‐ We  learn  from  each  other  respectfully,  online  and  onland.
  49. How  does  your   nonprofit  encourage   wellbeing  in  the   workplace? What  is  one  step  you   can  take  to  bring   wellbeing    into  your   workplace? Reflection:    Bringing  Wellness  Into  Your  Nonprofit  Workplace
  50. Takeaways • What  is  the  first  step  you  will   take  when  you  get  back  to   your  office  next  week  to  bring   tech  wellness  into  your  life  or   workplace? • Lingering  questions • Raffle • Evaluation:     http://po.st/VNeKG6