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Workshop for US Embassy Finland - Finnish- American Societies

Workshop in Kokkola

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Workshop for US Embassy Finland - Finnish- American Societies

  1. The Future of Social Clubs in a Digital World Beth Kanter Master Trainer, Speaker, and Author
  2. @kanter www.bethkanter.org Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Speaker, Author and Nonprofit Thought Leader
  3. Beth 356,371 Conan 236,251
  4. Example
  5. My Work: The Networked Nonprofit Networked Nonprofits are simple, agile, and transparent Listen and engage with networks of people and organizations to reach goals Staff and board leverage their professional networks in service of mission Experts at using social media to make the world and their communities a better place
  6. Traditional Nonprofit
  7. Networked Nonprofit
  8. CRAWL WALK RUN FLY Where is your organization? Basic digital strategy that identifies goals, audience, and social Beginning to reach out to young people and others online Basic social presence, but sporadic Developed digital strategy includes content and champions Simple project to reach young people via digital channels Best Practices Active social presence for org and individuals Needs Digital Strategy Development Not reaching out to younger generation No social presence for org Network Building – both organization and professional Embraces young people as formal champions and leverages their digital skills for goals Formal, robust digital strategy that is measured
  9. Where’s Your Organization Now? • Are you at crawl, walk, run, or fly?
  10. MEET
  11. 2012 2007
  12. Finland is first country in the world to create set of custom emoji
  13. http://generationz.com.au/ Gen Z has larger networks, more global • 91% aged 16-24 uses social media weekly basis • 55,000 Finnish Youth visited Netari • Finnish Youth often participate in online groups that are linked to their offline communities Source: Verke - Netari
  14. “New generations grow & develop & become better than the previous ones. It's the reason we're not in the Dark Ages anymore. No matter your position or place in life, it is imperative to create opportunities for children, so that we can grow up to blow you away.” Adora Svitak
  15. They Are Already Blowing Us Away! Jack Andraka: Finding a cure for cancer Malalla Yousafzai, world’s youngest Nobel Prize recipient
  16. 51%: World peace 41%: Clean water 40%: Global poverty 16%: Gender equality 12%: Climate change “We can no longer be in denial about social inequality or political unrest because in an information age it’s thrust in front of our faces.” Social Media for Social Change JWT Intelligence
  17. Not Afraid To Stand Up for What’s Right
  18. Generosity in their Genes Braeden Quinn
  19. Create Social Change Orgs with Their Allowance! $16.90 per week in allowance which translates to $44 billion a year
  20. UNICEF: Cultivate Gen Z as Online Ambassadors
  21. The Future
  22. Reflection • What are the biggest challenges to using social media to reach young people in your community?
  23. What is a Digital Strategy? A digital strategy is a planned actions to help your Social Club reach a specific audience to achieve a specific program or communications goal. It guides use of social media, web site, and mobile storytelling, calls to action, engagement, and content to support your mission
  24. Three Building Blocks 1: Audience(s) 2: NGO Goal(s) 3: How Social Media Helps NGO Goal(s)
  25. Describe Audience Young Children High School Students University Students Young professionals Journalists NGO or Partners Funders
  26. How Does Your Audience Get Information? Audience University Student How do they access social media? Own smartphone, check Facebook. Use computer lab How often do they check it? Many times a day after classes finished. Language Finnish What information do they read? Info on scholarships, educational info, job info, entertainment Who do they trust? Friends and family
  27. 2: What is your NGO’s GOAL?
  28. 3: How Can Social Media Help NGO Goal? • Raise awareness about your club or programs • Improve knowledge • Build relationships • Remind people about events • Collect feedback and opinions about what is happening related to US/Finland • Promote discussion • Connect with journalists • Educate potential members • Inspire members to take action related to your mission
  29. What is your takeaway?
  30. Book Raffle