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5 Demand Gen Lessons from the Team that Makes Everything Easier

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Check out a quick, 15-minute webinar to get the full story behind this marketing campaign: http://bit.ly/1onU8S3

With the goal of attracting new customers and engaging and retaining existing customers, the marketing teams at John Wiley & Sons, Inc. publishing strategically aligned their approach to launch the For Dummies custom solutions B2B campaign. The result was a truly integrated, omni-channel, customer-focused campaign with outstanding results.

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5 Demand Gen Lessons from the Team that Makes Everything Easier

  1. 1. WEBINAR SERIES 5 Demand Gen Lessons from the Team That Makes Everything Easier, For Dummies
  2. 2. Your Hosts Jennifer Whitney Lead Strategist, Marketing Automation Jennifer Webb Senior Brand Manager, For Dummies B2B Solutions
  3. 3. For Dummies B2B Solutions
  5. 5. Assess current strategy and ensure sales and marketing alignment. • Improve the quality of our MQLs • Improve conversion to SQLs • Improve sales velocity Clearly Defined Objectives and Goals PLACEHOLDER IMAGE
  6. 6. Buyer-Centric Content Is Key When planning content, map it to each stage of your buyer’s journey: • What are your buyer’s pain points? • What motivates your buyer? • Where does your buyer turn to validate their decisions?
  7. 7. Planning Big Initiatives Takes Time Building a robust campaign takes time, resources, and intentionality. • Actual campaign creation took seven months to complete from concept to launch. • Prior to campaign creation – Market research and site update!
  8. 8. Your buyers are in control. Content needs to be strategically aligned and distributed across channels to provide a consistent customer experience. Omni-Channel Approach
  9. 9. If you’re not tracking your results, you can’t iterate on what’s working. • Analyze results weekly (at least) • Make improvements along the way • It’s okay to test the content • Listen to your customers Analyze Results Often
  10. 10. RESULTS
  11. 11. The Results 64% Marketing Qualified Leads 132% Sales Qualified Leads $1.1 m SQL Pipeline Revenue
  12. 12. bit.ly/CXmktg_ bit.ly/DGEN_