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  1. 1. Donated one billion breakfasts and snacks to hunger relief efforts globally by the year 2016.
  2. 2. Kellogg’s has contributed with $40 million in cash and $120 million in Kellogg products to charitable groups all around the globe. Schools Electricity
  3. 3. • Recycable cereal boxes • In 2012, Kellogg's entered into an agreement with Red Group’s RedCycle program that enables all soft plastics to be placed in recycle bins at Coles supermarkets.
  4. 4. “Whatever success I have had in business has been a result of my good fortune in selecting employees who could do their jobs better than I could have done them myself.” W.K. Kellogg
  5. 5. fosters a safe work culture for their employees and support their health with their benefits programs as well as promoting a balance between work and personal life.
  6. 6. "We encourage workplace flexibility and support our working parents, believing you don't have to sacrifice one for the other.“ John Bryant, President & CEO
  7. 7. Kellogg Company Honored as One of the "Working Mother 100 Best Companies 2013" Paid maternity Paternity leave Flexible work arrangements Lactation rooms
  8. 8.  Refreshing and communicating to employees the company’s Vision and Purpose  Providing employees with work/life effectiveness approaches and solutions.
  9. 9. o Kellogg’s does not always comply that work-balance lifestyle. o Unpredictable schedules with more work hours without prior notice, making it difficult to make plans ahead of time during the weekends. o Changing positions
  10. 10. Volume: 235,026 Average volume: 423,971 52-wk High: $67.98 52-wk Low: $51.36 P/E Ratio: Estimates for 2013: 16.09 Estimates for 2014: 14.94 Estimates for 2015: 13.85 Beta: 0.51
  11. 11. The P/E ratio in the sector of Food & Beverages is 36.52 Kellogg’s estimate for 2013: 16.09 PepsiCo estimate for 2013: 18.54 Both remain under the average P/E ratio of this sector
  12. 12. Kellogg’s somewhat follows the market trend PepsiCo’s current Beta is of 0.62 Kellogg’s current Beta is of 0.51 - PepsiCo’s is higher than Kellogg’s, but still remains under the market trend - Kellogg’s is doing reasonably well in the industry