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201510 - The Story of LeSS (ACE)

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October 2015 - Agile Coaching Exchange talk - The Story of LeSS

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201510 - The Story of LeSS (ACE)

  1. 1. The Story of LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Karim Harbott - Agile Coaching Exchange (ACE) - Oct 2015
  2. 2. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks The History of LeSS The Principles The Framework(s) Case Study 1 2 3 4
  3. 3. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks The History of LeSS
  4. 4. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Nokia 2005…
  5. 5. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks How does this scale to multiple teams?
  6. 6. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Analysts / UX team Manager Architecture team Manager DBA team Manager Component A team Manager Component B team Manager Component C team Manager Testing team Manager Typical pre-Scrum organisational structure
  7. 7. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks • Dependencies • Delays feedback loops • Lower priority features being worked on • More hand-offs and documentation • More planning, and re-planning
  8. 8. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks A cross-functional feature team spans all functions and components Analysts / UX team Manager Architecture team Manager DBA team Manager Component A team Manager Component B team Manager Component C team Manager Testing team Manager
  9. 9. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Analysts / UX team Manager Architecture team Manager DBA team Manager Component A team Manager Component B team Manager Component C team Manager Testing team Manager Feature team A Feature team B Feature team C
  10. 10. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks 600 Experiments
  11. 11. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Follow the rules Shu Ha Ri Understand the rules and how to apply them in different contexts Make your own rules
  12. 12. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks 600 Experiments Guides 3 Pages of Rules 10 Principles
  13. 13. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks The Principles
  14. 14. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks
  15. 15. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Build your method up Don’t tailor it down
  16. 16. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks - David Snowden “Leaders who try to impose order in a complex context will fail, but those who set the stage, step back a bit, allow patterns to emerge, and determine which ones are desirable will succeed.” SCALED AGILE Vs
  17. 17. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks “Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to complex, intelligent behaviour. Complex rules and regulations give rise to simple and stupid behaviour.” - Dee Hock
  18. 18. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Transparency* Inspec,on* Adap,on*
  19. 19. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks The Framework(s)
  20. 20. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks A few of the LeSS rules • One Product Owner for the product (not one per team) • One Product Backlog for the product (not one per team) • All prioritisation goes through the Product Owner • One Definition of Done for the product • A majority of teams are co-located, self-managing, cross- functional feature teams • One synchronised sprint cadence • Aim for an integrated, shippable product each sprint
  21. 21. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Potentially Shippable Product Increment
  22. 22. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks
  23. 23. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks • No project management. • No support groups such as configuration management, CI support, or “quality and process”. • Prefer to expand the responsibilities of the teams. • Head of Product Group - hierarchical manager of all teams • Feature Teams - long lived, cross-functional team where development is done. • Product Owner (team) - PO (+ SMEs). Team of peers, no hierarchy. • Undone Department - Ideally does not exist, but may do; at least initially.
  24. 24. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks
  25. 25. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks • Product Owner (team) - PO + APOs (+ SMEs). Team of peers, no hierarchy. • Support - Environment support for teams. Support, not prevent. Should be small and helpful • Undone Department - More likely to exist and be bigger in LeSS Huge. • Competence and Coaching - Practitioner experts, Go-See, training and coaching.
  26. 26. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks
  27. 27. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks
  28. 28. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Case Study - Financial Services / eCommerce
  29. 29. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Release cycle was typically 15-18 weeks Lack of trust between ‘the business’ and ‘technology’ ‘Commitments’ were frequently missed Product quality / stability was low Morale was low Teams were removed from the customer 1 2 3 4 5 6
  30. 30. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Area%1%UI%Team% Project,%Programme%&% Func6onal%Management% PO% PO% PO% Backlog% Backlog% Backlog% Backlog% Backlog% Backlog% PO% PO% PO% Area%2%UI%Team% Area%3%UI%Team% Area%1%API%Team% Area%2%API%Team% Area%3%API%Team% Backlog% Area%3%API%Team% PO% Backlog% Area%3%backend% Team% PO%
  31. 31. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Feature'Team' Backlog' Feature'Team' Feature'Team' Feature'Team' Feature'Team' Feature'Team' PO'+'SMEs'
  32. 32. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Release cycle down to 4 weeks Collaboration between all areas of the product group Frequent delivery of value with full automation Learning culture 96% decrease in major incidents Customer satisfaction and conversion trending up 1 2 3 4 5 6
  33. 33. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks “The most valuable thing we can offer each other is the framework in which to think for ourselves” – Nancy Kline
  34. 34. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks In Summary
  35. 35. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Organise by customer value Use a non-prescriptive framework + empiricism Invest in top-quartile developers Provide leadership support for continuous improvement Hire strong coaches to build an internal capability 1 2 3 4 5
  36. 36. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks Craig Larman / Bass Vodde http://less.works Coming soon
  37. 37. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks karim@guidingagile.com @KarimHarbott • Born and live in London, UK • Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer • Former developer and ScrumMaster • Executive coach • Years of experience in scaling Scrum in large product groups • Arsenal fan!! Karim Harbott
  38. 38. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks
  39. 39. @KarimHarbott #LeSSWorks “There is no path. The path is made by walking” - Antonio Machado