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Which font should I use?
Which font should I use?
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Death by PowerPoint - Redesigned



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Based on Alexei Kapterev's Death by PowerPoint, which inspired me a whole lot. I was so moved to redesign the pages and make them a little more interesting.

Death by PowerPoint - Redesigned

  1. a letter to presentation killers
  2. content based on Alexei Kapterev’s death by powerpoint www.kapterev.com
  3. There are 300 million PowerPoint users in the world* *estimate
  4. They do presentations each day* 30 million *estimate
  5. About presentations are going on right now* 30 million *estimate
  6. 50%of them are unbearable**conservative estimate
  7. LOTS of people are killing each other with NOW...whew! bad presentations.
  8. They are all DEAD! Well, almost.
  9. Let’s make the world a better place.a better place.
  10. Why are they doing this ?!
  11. Research shows:
  12. Research shows: Bullets don’t kill people
  13. Research shows: People kill people
  14. Research shows: Unintentionally Yet
  15. Research shows: regularly
  16. Mainly due to lack of... Significance Structure Simplicity Rehearsal
  17. Significance1
  18. To “pass the information”? Your boss told you to? Or to make ?meaning Why do you present?
  19. &why it to you?matters What’s the subject
  20. significance passion attentionaction How presentations work .......... .......... ..... ..... creates attracts leads to
  21. check yourself Are you ?passionate
  22. this is passion
  23. this is passion
  24. Can’t find the meaning? Don’t present.
  26. Structure is how you place the of your story.building blocks
  27. Q: What structure to use? a: Any – as long as it is:
  28. Convincing Memorable S c a l a b l e
  29. Structure choices Problem PathwayPathway Solution
  30. Structure choices Problem solutionsolution reasoning
  31. Give supporting your point. 3-4 reasons They will not remember MORE ANYWAY.
  33. Everything should be made but not simpler as simple as possible “ “ EINSTEN
  34. Apparently, being simple is not simple.that LETS SEE SOME EXAMPLES
  36. hey, we’ve got connection!
  38. POWERPOINT HELPS TO: Visualize ideas
  39. Create key points POWERPOINT HELPS TO:
  40. impress POWERPOINT HELPS TO:
  41. Prompter Handouts Data dumps they use it as:
  42. People read faster than you speak. This means you are useless
  43. 0.00 per Slide Break it into several It’s free How much is an extra slide?
  44. One simple point? What’s the point? Remove everything else.
  45. Well, some are just hopeless.
  46. Do you remember the rule: 7 lines per slide or less 7 words per line or less? Well, it is just plain stupid If you follow this “rule” You get a slide like this Ditch stupid “rules”
  47. Do you remember the rule: 7 lines per slide or less 7 words per line or less? Well, it is just plain stupid If you follow this “rule” You get a slide like this cramped. boring Ditch stupid “rules”
  48. Photos, not clipart Simple design rules* One point per slide Few matching colours Very fonts 1 few
  49. less text
  50. less text MORE IMAGERY
  52. But what if I need to send or print the slides?
  53. Write a document
  54. the rule is simple !!!
  55. Print with notes
  56. Inform with little text* p * yes you can
  57. Rehearsal
  58. It will never work completely for the first time. Trust me!
  59. you presentation receipient feedback Go get some
  60. No audience? Present to the furniture. But Try it.aloud.
  61. Check the room and equipment.
  62. All this leads to...
  63. wow*great stuff!
  64. Re-designed by EZE IKEDI be.net/kasidyray