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My Real Resume



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Mobile App Design Proposal
Mobile App Design Proposal
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My Real Resume

  1. 1. meet IYKE
  2. 2. Away with the old Paper resume says nothing about me
  3. 3. People would say a lot of stuff about me - they may be tad biased
  5. 5. “To understand a man, you must know his memories” - Sir Anthony Quayle
  6. 6. So... This is my life’s journey Well, the condensed version
  7. 7. The Hard Fact I’m not alien
  8. 8. My goals in life - some of them 3
  9. 9. Have a job that I L ve
  10. 10. Help others improve their lives me me
  11. 11. Make the world a better place
  12. 12. C’est Moi - that’s me
  13. 13. The Genesis
  14. 14. I started off as a Computer programmer - 2004
  15. 15. I LEARNT, TAUGHT USED & As3ActionScript 3.0 Microsoft Visual C# these programing languages and framework
  16. 16. .... I taught myself And it gives me pride to say that
  17. 17. programming taught me these priceless lessons Patience Discipline Tenacity Logical Thinking Better Understanding of Developers Much Easier Collaboration with developers
  18. 18. Interested in My Formal Education?
  19. 19. Electronic Engineering - 2010 I earned a bachelor's degree in
  20. 20. From here
  21. 21. University of Nigeria The Prestigious
  22. 22. After graduating college I thought to myself....
  23. 23. Why can't my love for graphics design become a career? Why can't my love for graphics design become a career?
  24. 24. a new media company And that’s how I ended up here - 2010
  25. 25. I worked on projects for; At dRaX ARTS, I worked on projects for; And a host of others
  26. 26. And also taught these tools @ dRaX Cave dRaX Cave - the training arm of the dRaX ARTS CorelDRAW FlAdobe Flash PsPhotoshop
  27. 27. I am GREATat a couple of things - through hard work, determination and practice
  28. 28. User Experience Design - Chief User Experience Designer @ dRaX ARTS
  29. 29. - User Interface Designer @ dRaX ARTS User Interface Design
  30. 30. Honors - Slideshare Top Presentation of the Day Slideshare Hot on Twitter Slideshare Most Viewed Presentation Presentation Design Death by powerpoint [View Presentation]
  31. 31. -Interactive and linear multimedia development using Adobe Flash Multimedia Development
  32. 32. - You won’t forget so quickly Brand Communication
  33. 33. So far.. I’ve spent Setting things on fire Well, not literally oo! 5 years
  34. 34. But don’t just take my word for it - See what others have to say
  35. 35. And When I’m not designing.....
  36. 36. I’m Listening to GOOD MUSIC Jazz, afro beat, soul, rap 1970s hit, raggae, movie soundtracks Weird list abi..
  37. 37. busy feeling like a RockStar in a Karaoke Bar
  38. 38. Surfing the web for fun and inspiration
  39. 39. What do I have to offer?
  40. 40. I Think creatively ...way outside the box
  41. 41. I adapt toeasily New Situations ...I enjoy challenges and adventure
  42. 42. ...I have a strong understanding of colors, typography, balance, harmony.... I make great designs
  43. 43. Why can't my love for graphics design become a career? Always asking “how can we do it better?”
  44. 44. Why can't my love for graphics design become a career? Always asking “how can we do it better?”
  45. 45. I can inspire a team to long for great works - a team player to the core
  46. 46. I am a researcher - always coming up with new trends and ideas
  47. 47. I do it all with a SMILE and sense of HUMOR - and ask for more
  48. 48. want to meet me?- no problemo
  49. 49. Thank You! Feel free to get in touch kasidyray@gmail.com behance.net/kasidyray linkedin.com/in/ikedieze slideshare.net/kasidyray about.me/ikedi.eze
  50. 50. To whom it’s due This is not my resume Visual resume Can resumes be like this? Visual Resume - Jordan McDonnel - Abi Jones - saranyan - Jarod Wunneburger ... you all inspired this