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How Augmented Reality is Augmenting Your Experiences in Various Sectors?

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Want to build augmented reality app? Contact Outsourcing Mobile App Development Specialists from India and rest assured of an augmented service experience.

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How Augmented Reality is Augmenting Your Experiences in Various Sectors?

  2. 2. Take advertising to the next level It is impossible that you are unaware of augmented reality technology, especially after its gaming app ‘Pokemon Go’ went viral! But the good news is that this technology is not limited only to the entertainment sector. The industry application of this technology is immense and as per market survey, by the year 2020, it is estimated to reach 90 billion worldwide as depicted in the figure below: Image Courtesy - http://www.digi-capital.com
  3. 3. We here, however, are trying to glance on few of the important sectors like education, marketing, aviation, health, etc., wherein augmented reality applications are adding value and already making a significant difference.
  4. 4. Experience fun while studying Studying was never as fun as it is now with augmented reality apps. I just wish this technology had come to my rescue when I was struggling to understand concepts of Physics! With embed text, images, and videos, this application makes understanding of concepts much easier for students which are otherwise hard to interpret.
  5. 5. Take advertising to the next level People in the advertising arena just breathe on innovation. You need to come out with creative ideas to survive in that realm and with augmented reality technology, just sky is the limit! Yes, you can augment your customers’ experience like never before. Technological companies like SEFT, Siemens, and others are already using this technology in print media and with the help of specialized apps trying to make their customers understand highly complicated products in 3D view without any expert guidance from executives.
  6. 6. Real-time guide for repair and maintenance Machine maintenance and repairing could be very demanding at times for technicians as it is very tough to remember each and every technical details of complicated machine parts. However, with augmented reality head worn display technicians can visualize the image and information of the respective machines that is undergoing repair right in front of their eyes. Moreover, they can also view the procedure they need to follow along with motion of the tools that they would use while repairing that particular machin
  7. 7. Increasing precision in surgeries Brain surgeries is considered one of the most riskiest and complicated surgeries, however, with augmented reality applications the risk can be reduced to certain extent. They facilitate the overall perception of the surgeon about the brain, for instance, by providing a 3D image of the brain above the actual brain of the patient. It helps the surgeon to diagnose or operate with a very clear view. Originally Published on https://goo.gl/ByzcXK
  8. 8. Therefore, if you want to develop any augmented reality mobile applications then get in touch with mobile app development specialists for informed and cost-effective investment.
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