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History of pop music

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History of pop music

  2. 2. Pop Pop music originated in its modern form in the 1950s, deriving from rock and roll. Pop music as a genre is very eclectic, the genre borrows elements from other styles of music including dance, urban, rock, Latin and country. Some popular pop artists include:  Miley Cyrus  Katy Perry  Beyoncé  Ellie Goulding  Justin Timberlake  Lily Allen  Rihanna  Pharrell Williams  Iggy Azalea  Justin Bieber  One Direction  Madonna  Michael Jackson  Prince  Britany Spears
  3. 3. King of pop Michael Jackson was in the music industry from 1964 to 2009. He began his solo career from the Jackson 5 in 1971. Jackson’s tours included: • Bad (1987–89) • Dangerous World Tour (1992–93) • HIStory World Tour (1996–97) • This Is It (2009–2010) (cancelled)
  4. 4. Queen of pop Britany spears is the queen of pop. Britany released her first ever single on September 30th, 1998, Baby One More Time. In November, 1998, the single hit #1 in the Billboard Hot 100. The song and the video hit reached a world record for being a debut single by a new artist to have achieved #1 around the world. Even better she achieved this will only physical sales. There wasn’t anything such as iTunes or digital downloads at that time. Britany sells out tours and has a collection of #1 albums.
  5. 5. Pop culture Pop music over the years has slowly pushed the boundaries of what's right and what's wrong. For example, pop stars such as Miley Cyrus has broken through the media by portraying herself and a figure that is more provocative. She has done this by the clothing she wears on stage and the acts she performs. As more attention is on the star she can create trends, such as twerking, which is now in the dictionary. Artists also push boundaries with the lyrics they are singing making them more risky and for a higher target audience.
  6. 6. Lower age of target audience Boy bands and young male singers for a target audience of young girls and teenage girls are hugely successful as the target audience is massive and very supportive. For example, pop music today have the artists such as, One Direction, which have a following of 20,780,249 on the social media site Twitter alone. Not including their individual Twitter accounts which hold even more. Even more popular the young star Justin Bieber has a whooping 55,347,455 followers on Twitter. Social media has a huge impact on todays artists as young people today are obsessed with the social media sites and the internet.