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Campaign Pitch BMA349

  1. Marketing One The Only Choice for your Marketing Communication Needs Presented by Kate Nichols Manager of Regional Branding. Trained in China Ready
  2. Intro & Strengths  Represents many large organisations  Specific department for brand communication of a region/town  Successful campaigns in the Barossa Valley, Noosa and Broome.
  3. Chinese Market  Population of 1.4 billion  98 Million travelled overseas in 2013  Large market that is relatively untapped  Major websites like google, YouTube, twitter and Facebook are blocked in mainland China so advertising using these means would be ineffective Sources df
  4.  Bring all tourism bodies together for a united marketing communications campaign including Tourism Tasmania, Tourism Northern Tasmania, City of Launceston and Tamar Valley Wine Route to send out a collective and cohesive message  Our plan revolves around the huge success that is Bobbie the Bear (Bridestowe Lavender Bear that is actually a heat pack)  Bobbie became a huge sensation after Chinese popstar…recieved one as a gift and the bears are on EBay for up to $400 AUD. Our Plan - Step 1
  5. Our Plan – Step 2  A five day itinerary that highlights Launceston and its surrounds to Chinese Visitors  Day 1: Visit the Cataract Gorge and enjoy a cruise down the Tamar River. Relax and unwind at the Seaport for Dinner  Day 2: Visit the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, an afternoon Boags tour and a walk around the heritage sights in Launceston  Day 3: A walk into Tamar Island Wetlands, Visit the Swiss Village at Grindelwald, Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre, Platypus House and concluding the day at Seahorse World  Day 4: Touring the wineries beginning on the East Tamar and travelling up to Pipers Brook then crossing the historic Batman Bridge and down along the waters edge through Rosevears  Day 5: Visiting Bobbie’s home! The Bridestowe Lavender Farm, with a quick stop at Lilydale Falls and a stroll through Scottsdale and the Eco Centre
  6. Our Plan – Step 3  A B2B model  Chinese travellers depend highly on their travel agents and consultants by conversing with our contacts in China, your marketing plan will be placed directly into the most successful and knowledgeable travel companies in China.  The Five day Bobbie Itinerary will be available online to open as a PDF or equivalent format as well as in paper form, which will be available for free from travel agents  Banner advertising on popular travel websites in China and on the Discover Tasmania website will also be included as the eye will naturally drift to the very popular purple bear and the link can be easily accessed and opened for easy viewing
  7. Chinese Culture  As mentioned earlier Chinese travellers rely heavily on their travel agents and consultants, so when information is received from them it is considered more valuable and professional  WOM is also very important in China due to the concept of ‘Face’ One never wants to lose ‘Face’ after relying on travel agents advice and travelling overseas after returning sharing holiday stories is boasting about the fact of going somewhere and seeing something which can be linked to keeping ‘Face’  The Bobbie Bear is a sensation in China and anything that is linked to him almost immediately becomes popular
  8. The Campaign  Not only focuses on Launceston but the surrounding areas to drive in more diverse and special interest tourists  Offers child friendly options within most of the itinerary. The child is often a major part of decision making about holidays in China  Collaborating with major tourism bodies once a fortnight for three months ensures that the campaign runs as soon as possible (Aiming for a roll out in four months time)
  9. It’s Up To You  Do you want a superior campaign for Launceston and surrounds that will encourage large numbers of Chinese Tourists to travel throughout the region and inject money into the local economy?  Of course you do!  That is why Marketing One is the best choice for your marketing communications campaign.
  10. Thankyou for Listening  Marketing One looks forward to collaborating with you in the future!