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Photo Throw Brochure

A brochure of the photo throw items available and prices.

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Photo Throw Brochure

  1. 1. This PhotoThrow™ can be personalized with up to 9 pictures of subject’s name, dates and any other desired words. price $195 ($.50 per word added) (870) 743-3980
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  4. 4. Cotton PhotoThrow—PONCHO Wonderfully Soft PhotoPoncho made of Cotton Fiber. PhotoPoncho PhotoPoncho can be personalized with the subject’s picture. -one size fits most (Limit 2 images side by side) Price $125.00 4
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  6. 6. S127 - Happy Valentine's Day Our Sweetheart line of PhotoThrow en- S128 - hearts border hances images with a simple yet elegant S129 - Dog Bone black border knitted with the picture. Within S130 - Dog Bone / with your message S131 - Daddy's Fishing Buddy the border is a loving message to let the re- S132 - Daddy's Hunting Buddy cipient know how much you care. S133 - Happy Mother's Day S134 - Happy Father's Day S135 - Class of ... Choose from 51 borders: S136 - oval S137 - I Love Mom And Dad S100 - I Love You S138 - We Love Mom And Dad S101 - I Love Mommy S139 - Happy Birthday S102 - I Love Daddy S140 - I Love Mom S103 - I Love Mommy & Daddy S141 - I Love Dad S104 - I Love Grandma S142 - We Love Our Mom S105 - I Love Grandpa S143 - I Love My Godfather S106 - I Love Grandma & Grandpa S144 - I Love My Nana S107 - I Love My Aunt S145 - I Love My Papa S108 - I Love My Uncle S146 - We Love Nana S109 - I Love My Aunt & Uncle S147 - We Love Our Papa S110 - We Love You S150 - thin border S111 - We Love Our Mommy S152 - My Family S112 - We Love Our Daddy S153 - I Love My Godmother S113 - We Love Our Mommy & Daddy S114 - We Love Our Grandma S115 - We Love Our Grandpa S116 - We Love Our Grandma & Grandpa S117 - We Love Our Aunt S118 - We Love Our Uncle S119 - We Love Our Aunt & Uncle S120 - Té Amo S121 - Our Family S122 - Happy Anniversary S123 - World's Greatest Pet S124 - blank border S125 - Happy Holidays S126 - Merry Christmas 6
  7. 7. Image Requirements PLEASE NOTE THAT IMAGES LESS THAN 60k WILL HOLD UP YOUR ORDER! • PhotoThrow accepts images with the following extensions: JPG . We recommend using JPG formats because of file size. (GIF images will not reproduce as well as other formats because of color compression. Bitmaps and Tiffs are far too large in size) Too small is also not good. • Files must be between 60k and 700k (depending on product). The upload time will depend on the file size and your Internet connection speed. Please be patient when uploading a large image. Try scanning the image in grayscale to reduce file size. • Please try to use the best-quality image possible. Check the individual product descriptions for recommended resolu- tion. If your image is below the minimum resolution/size requirements, do not simply increase the size in your editing software. You must either rescan the image or use a higher-quality image. • When scanning in photographs, please use a resolution of 200-300 d.p.i.. When taking digital images, set your cam- era at the highest possible resolution. You can always reduce the resolution later. Low-resolution images cannot be increased without loss of image quality. What is the recommended maximum number of images I can have in my PhotoThrow? The rule of thumb for this is quite simple.1-3-5 or 1 image for a pillow (our smallest item), 3 for a 30x40 and 5 for the 40x60 and 9 for the 60 x 90. While photos that exceed the 1-3-5-9 rule can be made, the repro- duction quality diminishes with each additional image and these orders will be made at the buyers risk. • Your image will be reproduced as it appears. In some cases, we may crop the image for size, to fit the product you order. However, PhotoThrow will not color correct, retouch or combine images. • Close-ups and images with bright colors will produce the best results. Proper Format of Pictures In order to get the best possible quality form your photo, follow these simple rules. These 3 simple steps will make a small file size that will be easy and quick to upload to our servers: 1. When scanning, set the scan options to scan at 300 dpi and scan the file in grayscale (NOT BLACK & WHITE). 2. If you have an option to adjust the size of the picture, choose something small. For example 2quot; x 3quot; 3. Save the scan as a jpg file with NO compression and best quality. If we scan your picture, we will check the quality of the image before we will take the order 7
  8. 8. NEW COLOR EDGING FOR OUR ORIGINAL PHOTOTHROW™ Over the course of the past couple of years, many customers have asked us for color edging other than the default Grey. We are proud to introduce 11 new edging colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Forest, Gold, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal and of course Grey. This option is ONLY AVAILABLE for the Original PhotoThrow™ in both the 40x 60 and the 30 x 40 sizes. An additional $5.00 charge will be Frequently Asked Questions Is it true that the picture will never fade ? The image will not fade or wash off. The image is not printed. It is true knitted fabric. The best way to describe the fabric is to say that it is exactly the same as a sweater. Each throw is processed and inspected before shipping to guarantee your satis- faction. What are the care instructions for a PhotoThrow? Machine wash in cold water. Air or tumble dry, gentle cycle. And of course, you should never use bleach when washing this product. How do I choose the best photo? Almost any photo or flat artwork can be made into a PhotoThrow. The best results will come from a photo that is clear and has good contrast. Photo Recommendations: Image may be color or black-and-white. We will convert it to grayscale. The image for this product will always appear in grayscale. Image must be at least 240x240 pixels. Can I add text to my PhotoThrow? Yes. We can personalize any order by adding text to your order (an extra charge applies). Does it come in color? Knitting technology only allows a maximum of 4 colors. After extensive research we have found that the PhotoThrows look best in grayscale. Can I send a color picture? Any picture, color or black and white can be used. Size should be limited to a maximum of 8½quot; x 11quot;. Can my photo be cropped? Yes. We can crop your photograph when required or requested. We will crop your photo to focus on the main subject. By doing so, you receive a better product. How long does it take to make? Fulfillment is 7-10 business days from the day we receive the photo (extra time required during the holiday season). How much does shipping cost? There is a $7.95 per item charge. We only ship UPS ground within the continental US unless otherwise specified. All items are guaranteed. We take great pride in producing the best possible PhotoThrow for you. NEW FEATURE— Casings now available on most of our products. This is a great way for your customers to proudly hang and display their PhotoThrows. Just insert a dowel or rod of up to 1quot; in diameter. This is actually knit into the throw. To place an order for Your PhotoThrow™ item, or for more information, please call or visit us at: Picture A Moment Located in “The Good Stuff Store” 1507 North Main, Harrison, AR 72601 www.pictureamoment.com PhotoThrowWebsite: www.photothrow.com Email: info@pictureamoment.com 8