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Market research contents page

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Market research contents page

  1. 1. Market Research.. Contents Pages Every issue says ‘THIS WEEK’ on the contents page, this means it’s a weekly magazine. Every week the contents The contents page of NME shares looks similar to this, it makes it many of the features as the front familiar with the reader. cover. This helps create the house style. The colour scheme is normally always red, white and black. Main Image. The main image on the page is the biggest, this suggests Subheadings. it’s an important Breaks up the contents page article and they want into sections so what the their readers to notice reader wants to read is easy this. to find.
  2. 2. The title appearingon the contents pagecreates house style.The contents pageshares similarities The main image is seen aswith the front cover. the ‘big’ and mostE.g. same colours , important article, like instyle. most magazines. ‘The worlds biggest and best music guide’. Like most magazines the contents page tells the reader how often the magazine is issued.
  3. 3. Subheadings. Like in NME usingThe main image subheadings helplooks fun and with breaking up theexciting, the contents pagereader will be and the magazine.interested in thisand want to readit. It has pagenumbers so thatthe reader knows A chance for the magazine to Get readers to subscribe to Them. This is a convention to Editors Letter. magazines as it is in every Makes the magazine magazine. personal to the reader.