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Longchamp digital strategy

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Longchamp digital strategy

  1. 1. Katie Murri ADV 420 April 7, 2014 A43275017
  2. 2. •Founded in Paris, 1948 •French luxury leather goods company •Most popular items include •Leather and canvas handbags •Travel items •Fashion accessories •Brand is present and known worldwide
  3. 3.  Luxury customers, high fashion ◦ Especially female  Primary age range ◦ Females 13-60 years of age ◦ Customers that are brand loyal, looking for high quality but still in a reasonable price range
  4. 4.  Comparing site traffic before the campaign and after  If site traffic increases, then the campaign will most likely be successful bringing in revenue  If post-campaign retail sales increase  strong indicator that digital strategy was effective
  5. 5.  Incorporate digital marketing through all aspects of campaign ◦ Increasing online traffic through click advertisements and directing consumers to website through ads ◦ All decisions made must be measurable
  6. 6.  “Solving your biggest problems and your smallest ones too”  “We have a bag for that.”  “The It Bag. Fit for any occasion, any size, any color.”
  7. 7.  Primary demographic-females ◦ This demographic tends to be heavily involved on the web and frequent online shopping ◦ Increasing ad exposure on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will be especially helpful for the younger markets ◦ Implementing discounts, incentives and contests for consumers will also be effective in advertising giving the brand a competitive edge among other luxury brands
  8. 8.  SEO will be extremely important for this campaign  Travel, leather goods, luxury, fashion, French luxury, handbags and other words associated with accessories will be essential for Longchamp to be recognized  Conducting research on the words that consumers most commonly search to satisfy fashion needs will be essential
  9. 9.  Cost per click advertising will be effective for digital platforms on the internet  1 click=10 cents  100 clicks=10 dollars  This plan is cost effective way to start, if revenue outweighs money spent on advertising, then more money can be spent in future  If apps can be budgeted, this would be effective as well to increase convenience for consumers and have better options on mobile/tablet platforms
  10. 10.  Longchamp has a competitive advantage because it attracts a wide demographic of consumers  Satisfying any need a woman may have when it comes to storage whether its business, leisure, travel etc., Longchamp has a solution  Advertising these benefits on many media platforms will be most effective!