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Story R&D

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Producers Peter Katz and Don Le share why filmmakers should produce film pilots (proof of concepts) to market their projects online. This is based on their experience creating Already Gone ( http://vimeo.com/40921995 ), a short adapted from a feature script written by Bill Balas. Directed by Ross Ching, starring Harry Shum (Glee) and Shawn Ashmore (X-Men). Check out the credits here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2378083/

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Story R&D

  1. 1. STORY  R&D    Peter  Katz    @PeterKatz1                  Don  Le  @sagafron8er  
  2. 2. Already  Gone  In  2012,  we  produced  this  film  pilot.  
  3. 3. What’s  a  film  pilot?  
  4. 4. Film  pilots  are  prototypes  for  movies:  Already  Gone  started  as  a  113  pg  crime  script  wriRen  by  Bill  Balas.  We  adapted  it  into  this  3  minute  short  directed  by  Ross  Ching,  starring  Harry  Shum  (Glee)  and  Shawn  Ashmore  (X-­‐Men).      
  5. 5. 2005-­‐Neil  Blomkamp  directed     2009  -­‐it  was  adapted  into  the    the  film  pilot  Alive  in  Joburg.     theatrical  film  District  9.  
  6. 6. Film  pilots  currently  in  development  
  7. 7. Why  make  a  film  pilot?  
  8. 8. Share  your  vision  
  9. 9. In  less  8me  it  takes  to  drink  a  cup  of  coffee,  you  can  watch  Already  Gone.  It’s  easier  to  get  buyers  to  make  the  small  commitment  to  watch  a  video  before  reading  an  en8re  script.  
  10. 10. Directors  will  interpret  the  same  story  differently.  Film  pilots  show  viewers  the  visual  style  of  the  movie.   Bat  nipples   Joel  Schumacher   Christopher  Nolan  
  11. 11. Communicate  unique  ideas.  Many  people  aren’t  familiar  with  South  Africa’s    culture  and  poli8cal  landscape.  That  said,  District  9’s    film  pilot  showed  financiers  it  could  resonate  with    many  fans.    
  12. 12. Exists  on  Mul8plagorms  The  Resistance  series  started  as  a    proof  of  concept.  Ghost  House  Pictures    (Sam  Raimi’s  company)  found  the  teaser  online,    then  Starz  co-­‐produced  it  as  a  1  hour  TV  pilot  that    premiered  on  Syfy  Channel.  Finally,  it  was  released  as  8  short    episodes  on  Xbox  Live  and  iTunes.  
  13. 13. It  doesn’t  maRer  where    you  live.  Sam  Raimi  op8oned  the  film  pilot  Panic  ARack  aher  discovering  it  online.  The  filmmakers  live  in  Uruguay,    a  long  way  from  Hollywood.  
  14. 14. Produc8on  companies  won’t  accept  your  script  submissions,  unless   you  have  representa8on.  
  15. 15. Once  a  film  pilot  is  released  online,    any  produc8on  company  can  see  it.  
  16. 16. Many  films  are  based  on  a  pre-­‐awareness  property:  ar8cle,  board  game,  video  game,  comic,  toy,  true  story,  novel,  TV  show,  amusement  park  ride,  remake,  sequel,  prequel,  reboot…  ANYTHING  with  a  fanbase.    Film  pilots  aRract  fans  before  the  movie  is  made.    
  17. 17. It’s  gekng  cheaper  to  produce  and  distribute  professional  content  
  18. 18. “The  same  camera  that  the  Peter  Jacksons,  and  the  David  Finchers  of  the  world  use  to  make  movies,  all   the  young  independent  filmmakers  with  much   smaller  budgets  are  using  the  same  exact  tools.”   Ted  Schilowitz,  co-­‐founder  of  RED  cameras.  
  19. 19. “Video  technology  puts  filmmaking  back  in  the  hands  of  the  people.”  Robert  Rodriguez    
  20. 20. Fric8onless  distribu8on  
  21. 21. Developing  stories  for  the  web.  
  22. 22. Developing  stories  for  the  web.  First  10  seconds  of  a  film  pilot  MUST  hook  the  audience.  You  are  compe8ng  against  Facebook  and    a  million  other  distrac8ons.  
  23. 23. Film  pilots  sell  an  experience.  Boil  your  story  down  to  its   essence.  Anything  that’s  not  memorable  should  be  cut.    
  24. 24. Write  roles  for  talented  actors  who  are  looking   to  explore  new  types  of  characters  and  genres.     Don  Cheadle  as  Captain  Planet  
  25. 25. Sell  the  sh#t  out  of  it!  
  26. 26. Before  releasing  your  film  pilot,  pitch  press  a  unique  story  that  would  interest  their  readers.    Examples  from  Already  Gone:    Wired  covered    it  as  an  ac8on  film.  Mashable’s  story  focused  on  innova8on/social  media.  
  27. 27. Shoot  behind  the  scenes    pictures/videos  for  the  press.    
  28. 28. To  cut  through  all  the  noise,  make  sure  all  your  ar8cles  are  lined  to  up  to  be  released  at  the  same  8me.    
  29. 29. Post  release  
  30. 30. Study  your  fans.  Facebook  and  many  other  sites  provide  info  about  your  community.    
  31. 31. Now  use  your  film  pilot,  press,  fanbase,  script,  and  team  to  pitch  buyers.  
  32. 32. Make  something  cool!  Even  if  your  movie  doesn’t  get  financed,  you  will  s8ll  have  a  film  pilot  to  showcase  your  skills.  
  33. 33. We  thank  our  talented  cast/crew.  @Mellylee_  shot  the  set  pictures.