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Referenssit | References

Valokuvaajamme ja graafisen suunnittelijamme referenssit.
The references of our photographer/graphic designer.

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Referenssit | References

  1. 1. R E F E R E N S S I T
  2. 2. T H E N A T U R E O F A P O R T F O L I O I S T H A T I T ’ S A L W A Y S A W O R K I N P R O G R E S S .
  3. 3. Nea Aleksandra Ahtiainen In 2010, I spent most of my time at the stables and one of my friends had Canon EOS 1000D. One time I decided to ask whether I could photograph her riding and that’s how it all started. Not too long after that we drove to the city with my mom and I became one happy camera owner. Along the photography, I started to get more and more interested in graphic design and visuality in general. I graduated from Ingman College of Crafts and Design in 2016 as A media assistant. I’ve always been super motivated to learn new stuff and develope my own skills. I’m really critical about my work, sometimes even too much, so I never settle with ‘‘okay’’ - it needs to be the best I can give. Born 22/11/1997 Based in Southern Finland PHOTOGRAPHY GRAPHIC DESIGN SOCIAL MEDIA VISUALITY ILLUSTRATION MUSIC TRAVELLING NATURE ANIMALS ‘‘GRAPHIC DESIGN WILL SAVE THE WORLD RIGHT AFTER ROCK AND ROLL DOES.’’ - David Carson
  4. 4. PHOTOGRAPHY I want to tell stories, capture the moments that people want to remember and share the beauty of this world. Photographing has taught me to watch the world a bit differently, to seek more dimensions on everything and to express different state of minds better.
  5. 5. Antti Ruuskanen 2016 Kuopio
  6. 6. Jenna Hilden & Paavo 2014 Turenki
  7. 7. 2012 Turenki
  8. 8. Sleeping With Sirens // 2016 // Melkweg, Amsterdam // iPhone 6 Hollywood Undead // 2016 // O2 Brixton Academy, London // iPhone 6 Hollywood Undead // 2016 // O2 Brixton Academy, London // iPhone 6Hollywood Undead // 2016 // The Circus, Helsinki // iPhone 6
  9. 9. Kevama 50yrs party 2014 Kuopio
  10. 10. GRAPHIC DESIGN Just like photography, graphic design gives me more tools to create something that lives a mark and make people feel. You can hide so much infomation, feelings and aspects into the simpliest shapes and colors.
  11. 11. 1 2 Antti Ruuskanen // Brand & Logo// 2015 Icons
  12. 12. 3School work 2015, book cover
  13. 13. 4 5 Logo design Drawing with graphic table PUIJOWO L L E Y C LU B™
  14. 14. Nea Aleksandra Ahtiainen 2016