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Playcation- Post Pandemic Macro Trend direction - 2021/22

Playfulness has become a key component to survive the mundane and fear. It is also a very millennial mindset. The ever craving of gamification of everything in a happy vacation mode is what we have expressed through 'Playcation'. It is relaxing, non-competitive, engaging and fun. Enjoy the spirit of playing.

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Playcation- Post Pandemic Macro Trend direction - 2021/22

  1. 1. Trend insights 2021/22 20.01.2021 Macro directions that will impact post pandemic world
  2. 2. Playful Fun. Retro. Engaging
  3. 3. Nintendo Cafe
  4. 4. Loewe X My neighbour Tororo
  5. 5. Lego x Tororo
  6. 6. GLITCH THEORY Digital, futuristic Futuristic, digital and a future-whimsical sub-trend. The digital age is taking over. Brands are giving the digital realness. This has surpassed the present and gives us an imaginative future. Iconotribe print from Koi Series by @shivanandnarresh Picture courtesy @prints.ai Art direction and clothing from @lotaindia Digi trial models, Za by @adhiwave ‘Online performances be like’ by @hansrajdochaniya Fluid rug by Faig Ahmed Picture courtesy @ap0cene From @amitaggarwalofficial
  7. 7. Coat by Nukeme and Ucnv
  8. 8. Nate by Lisa Berkert Wallard
  9. 9. Carpet by Faig Ahmed
  10. 10. Space drip Heavenly, surreal Metallics and dark monochromes that almost feel like a part of heaven/ space. Focus on materials and colour, this trend is a breather and an escapade during this tough time. @amitaggarwalofficial couture collection 2020 ‘Axil’ ‘Distance is temporary but champagne is forever’ by @eeshaankas MM bonbons by @with_love_mm ‘Sleep in the clouds, dream in the sky’ by @clovethestore @tribebyamrapalli @ohsagarika Heavenly creatures by @ekayabanaras
  11. 11. For real? Interdisciplinary, lively You can’t believe anything anymore; that excitement is what the mind craves. A cross-over between the perception of an object and the object itself. Exciting surprises goes beyond what just meets the eye. Handmade miniatures by @spoorthyminis Lamps from human hair by multiple artists. Picture courtesy @archidigestindia Pastel popsicle soap by @thesassbar By @oddtrunk Raw scallop curry @gaggan_anand Knitted greens by @pelyushenko_craft Picture courtesy: @ziba_by_hand Earring by @retina_vision
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