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It is the condition of man, a subject, among other men, who are also subjects. It refers to the shared awareness and understanding among persons. It is made possible by the awareness of the self and the other.

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  1. 1. OBSTACLESTO DIALOGUE CONTRASTEDWITH Seeming Being Speechifying Personal making present Imposition Unfolding
  2. 2. TENDENCIESTHAT MAKE DIALOGUE AND PERSONAL MAKING PRESENT DIFFICULT Analytical thinking when we break person into parts Reductive thinking when we reduce the richness of a person to a schema, a structure, and/or a concept Derivational thinking when we derive the person from a mixed formula
  3. 3. WAYS BY WHICH PEOPLE ADDRESS LONELINESS Escapism Use of drugs, rituals, sex, and alcohol to find one’s self Conformity with groups Joining group, organization, club or fraternity Creative and productive work or activity Planning, producing and seeing the result of a hobby, pastime or passion
  4. 4. ESSENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF LOVE Love is historical because the other is a concrete particular person with his/her own being history Love is total because persons are indivisible. Love is eternal because love is not given only for a limited period of time. Love is sacred because in love, persons are valuable in themselves.