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10 Steps to Email Marketing success

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Getting cut-through with email is harder these day. Find out why. Find out how to do it 'personally' and with impact and have your emails opened, read and shared. It about good content well-framed. Find more resources like this at http://www.technoledge.com.au/b2b-marketing-trends

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10 Steps to Email Marketing success

  1. 1. 1 Online or internet marketing (ads, PPC, web and email) is Trying to hunt down contacts who are indifferent to your offer will waste time and money. You’re better off attracting those who are looking for what you do, and giving them what they want. 1. ATTRACT THEM Use great content on your website and social media to attract those looking, and capture their details. Don’t interrogate them. Learn how. 2. BUILD YOUR LIST Add contacts from every meeting, event or enquiry. When contacts leave or unsubscribe, use a telemarketer to replace them. You have history with the enterprise, so it’s much easier. 3. SEGMENT IT Web visitors or contacts who drop by your trade show stand could be tyre kickers—or potential leads. Whoever is on the list, make your segments as specific as possible to start. You can always combine them later. 4. MAKE IT PERSONAL Your first email is critical. Make it personal, linked to a conversation or event, and make sure you send something relevant and useful—from someone they know by name. 5. MAKE IT IMPACTFUL Increase your open and download rates by using arresting or intriguing email subject lines, followed by a personal line of text to just that person. Dress up with graphics but avoid overkill. 6. QUALIFY THEM In the first or second email and thereafter (but not every time) ask no more than 3 simple questions. Qualify them sequentially. Don’t interrogate them or they’ll click off forever. 7. GIVE THEM SPACE Don’t bombard your new op-ins with an email a day. Build the relationship carefully. Better still, in your invitation to subscribe or event followup email, ask how often they’d like to hear from you—and adhere to it. 8. NURTURE THEM Learn from the answers and send content matched to what they reveal. Don’t revert to generic content, ever. It’s tempting and cheap, but it won’t build relationships or your pipeline. 9. KEEP IT USEFUL Don’t email just because you can. Email only when you have something relevant, timely and of value. Lead qualification may take longer but, annoyed ‘unsubscribes’ are terminal. Don’t leave it too long, though, or they might forget you. 10. PICK UP THE PHONE Don’t rely on email automation for everything. Your contacts are human and like the human touch. Give them a call once they’ve downloaded a few resources— and ask them the questions they’ll never answer online. If you don’t call them, your competitor just might. Ouch. ### 10 steps to email marketing success Email marketing is harder than ever to do: bought lists don’t deliver, contacts aren’t keen to opt-in, and spam filters are better educated than ever. Here’s how to do it in 10 easy steps.