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Content Stocktake - How to Re-use What You Have

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How to define your buyer personas and what they want. How to re-use and re-purpose your existing content and more. More hints on content marketing at http://www.technoledge.com.au/b2b-blog.

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Content Stocktake - How to Re-use What You Have

  1. 1. CONTENT STOCKTAKE How to re-use what you have to give targets what they want
  2. 2. It’s easy. Ask yourself a few questions: Who are your targets? What do they want? What do you have now? How can you re-use it? What’s missing?
  3. 3. Who are your targets? Who is involved across the sales cycle? Not just titles. Each is a person with goals, dreams and worries that keep him/her awake at night = buyer persona. CIO, IT Mgr, Others?
  4. 4. e.g. BUYER PERSONA = CIO Male/female Too busy to take calls Do their own research Want to: • fulfil biz needs via technology • add value, do more with less • be promoted, successful What are they like?
  5. 5. Will the technology support their goals? What’s the business case? What’s the risk (could it fail)? e.g. BUYER PERSONA = CIO What are they worried about?
  6. 6. What he wants e.g. BUYER PERSONA = CIO What do they want? Objective, impartial advice on: • how their goals will be achieved • how the biz case stacks up • the real risks
  7. 7. Blog posts Social media White Papers FAQ Problem-solving guides Risk assessments Demos e.g. BUYER PERSONA = CIO What should you give them? Focus on how to ease their worries (not sell your product)
  8. 8. What do you have? Buyer Persona Attract & Engage Inform & Show Convince & Close Grow CIO Website, SEO White papers, spec sheets, screen shots Case studies, proposals Email database, data sheets Buyer Persona Attract & Engage Inform & Show Convince & Close Grow CIO Blog, social media (they find you) FAQ, ROI & problem solving guides, risk assessments, demos Industry case studies with ROI and risk How to get more value, functions, benefits What’s missing?
  9. 9. What can be updated, put into new formats? Industry specific CS with ROI & risk, FAQ, How to get more value, references to call White papers> blog, social media, Slideshares, ROI, problem solving, risk assessment guides Spec sheets> Demos, FAQ, Slideshares Case Studies> Screen shots> Demos, Slideshares
  10. 10. Buyer Persona Attract & Engage Inform & Show Convince & Close Grow CIO Blog posts, social media White papers, FAQ, problem-solving, risk assessment, demos Case studies, references How to get more value, functions, benefits IT Mgr Other Fill out for all buyer personas Do others want similar content? Could it be tweaked to their personas?
  11. 11. Set a content schedule Who Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 1 WP PSG RAG VG WP PSG RAG VG 2 ROI Dmo Dmo Dmo ROI 3 CS SS CS SS CS SS CS SS Events E1 E2 E3 E4 Start small Share the load Don’t take on too much
  12. 12. Customers who rave about you Contacts who don’t know you How can you make their journeys smoother, faster, more enjoyable? Track & tweak: are there any bottlenecks?
  13. 13. Call us (02) 9909 0246 info@technoledge.com.au Check us out www.technoledge.com.au Follow us Need a hand?