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Twitter Session Zain Al Shabab

Twitter Session for University Students at Zain HQ organized by Zain Al Shabab

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Gratuit avec un essai de 30 jours de Scribd

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Gratuit avec un essai de 30 jours de Scribd

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Twitter Session Zain Al Shabab

  1. 1. Zain Al Shabab
  2. 2. Media Zain Managing and consulting on Twitter in 2012.
  3. 3. Twitter Twitter
  4. 4. Twitter
  5. 5. Twitter
  6. 6. Twitter 5 Stages of Twitter Acceptance 1. Denial 4. Conversing 2. Presence 5. Addiction 3. Copy Paste
  7. 7. Profile Photo
  8. 8. Profile Photo
  9. 9. Profile Photo
  10. 10. Bio
  11. 11. Links
  12. 12. Header
  13. 13. Twitter Tweet A Message of 140 characters or less
  14. 14. Twitter Reply (@) @Username + Message A Reply will only be seen by (Shared Followers)
  15. 15. Twitter Mention (@) Message + @Username This mention tweet will be visible for sender’s Followers
  16. 16. Twitter Re-Tweet (RT) RT @Username + Message Repeating someone else’s Tweet amplify it’s effect
  17. 17. Twitter
  18. 18. Twitter Direct message (DM) DM Send a private message to someone on twitter P.S: Now you can opt in to allow none followers to DM you
  19. 19. Twitter Favorite Saving / Bookmarking Tweets
  20. 20. Twitter Lists Find Lists or create your own (Public or Private)
  21. 21. Twitter Blog Post Retweet Rich Tweets Photo OR Video Tweets CSR & PR Events Mind the 140 Character Limit Inspiration Quotes Twitter Content Content Curating Offer Answer & Guidance
  22. 22. The 20 most retweetable words Source: The Next Web http://tnw.co/1d8uIiN
  23. 23. Twitter Spread the word about your twitter handle Search by keywords (City, Sector, Topic,..) Search related Hashtags How to find New Followers Search twitter Lists Follow Family & Friends Invite Email Contacts Follow 5 influentials then engage them Find popular Tweep in your area & follow their followers
  24. 24. Twitter - Don’t be an EGG Head! - Give credit where credit is due - Be yourself - If you can’t say it in real life don’t say it on twitter - Please don’t post the same post from multiple accounts - Give more than you take - Be careful what you tweet, even if you delete it. Someone will always share a screen shot of it - For God sake don’t ever start an argument on twitter, it is not the right place to go Ghetto!
  25. 25. Twitter
  26. 26. Content Banks
  27. 27. Engagement
  28. 28. Twitter Apps Great for businesses that want to analyze when is the best time to tweet and how far their tweets are reaching, ManageFlitter provides analytics based on your Twitter activity. Try the Free, Pro ($12/month), or Business ($49/month) versions.
  29. 29. Twitter Apps Discover new tweets, find new users to follow or track your own tweet's success with FavStar.fm. It searches your tweets to show your most favorited or retweeted tweets.
  30. 30. Twitter Apps Hootsuite is a browser based social media dashboard designed for businesses who want to control multiple social media networks at once. Try the freebie version or get a pro account for $8.99/month.
  31. 31. Twitter Apps SnapBird is essentially Google for your tweets. It combs through your tweets (or someone else's) for search words, so you'll be able to find EXACTLY what Lady Gaga said when she replied to your tweet 8 months ago.
  32. 32. Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on weekends Source: Blog.Bufferapp.com
  33. 33. Tweets with image links get 2x the engagement rate of those without Source: Blog.Bufferapp.com
  34. 34. Tweets with less than 100 characters get 17% more engagement Source: Blog.Bufferapp.com
  35. 35. Tweets with hashtags get 2x more engagement Source: Blog.Bufferapp.com
  36. 36. Twitter users who mostly use a mobile device are 181% more likely to be on Twitter during their commute Source: Blog.Bufferapp.com
  37. 37. Amplifiers are 122% more likely to send direct messages Source: Blog.Bufferapp.com
  38. 38. Your tweets have a 12x higher chance of being retweeted if you ask for it, and 23x higher if you actually spell out the word “retweet” Source: Blog.Bufferapp.com
  39. 39. Tweets that include links are 86% more likely to be retweeted Source: Blog.Bufferapp.com
  40. 40. Adverbs & Verbs generate more CTR Source: The Next Web http://tnw.co/1d8uIiN
  41. 41. By: Khaled ElAhmad Presentations: http://www.slideshare.net/kelahmad

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Twitter Session for University Students at Zain HQ organized by Zain Al Shabab


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