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Kelly Ruggless

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Kelly C. Ruggles is a financial educator and fee-based financial planner based in Spokane, Washington. Along with nearly two decades of experience in the field of financial planning, Kelly C. Ruggles also is the founder of American Reliance Group Inc.

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Kelly Ruggless

  1. 1. Kelly C. Ruggles Advises Seniors on Retirement Financial Planning
  2. 2. Kelly C. Ruggles is an investment advisor and financial planner with expertise in the area of retirement financial planning. Kelly C. Ruggles believes that financial planning is absolutely essential for retirees and preretirees who want to live their retirement years economically secure and independently.
  3. 3. Retirement planning not only helps senior citizens live debt-free lives, but gives them the opportunity to leave a legacy for their children and family members.
  4. 4. According to Kelly C. Ruggles, education and learning are key factors that can help a senior citizen formulate his or her personal financial goals, then successfully realize those goals. For this reason, Kelly C. Ruggles aims to make all financial procedures as simple as possible for his clients, providing them with a clear understanding how they might invest their money.
  5. 5. The proper investment of that money means clients will have a bulk amount of money by the time they retire and won't have to depend on anyone else for their financial needs. Through retirement planning, retirees can save money for unplanned medical emergencies and pay back loans and mortgages.
  6. 6. Being an expert speaker on the subject of retirement financial planning, Kelly C. Ruggles regularly conducts workshops and delivers lectures in the Spokane area. His workshops focus on the importance of financial planning for retirees; how to save on tax payments; how to invest in mutual funds and the share market; and more.
  7. 7. According to Kelly C. Ruggles, the financial aspirations and retirement goals of every person are different, thus customized financial plans become a necessity to make a retiree financially independent during his or her retirement years. Kelly C. Ruggles also founded American Reliance Group Inc. to assist retirees with financial planning for retirement years.
  8. 8. Find out more about Kelly C. Ruggles and the retirement financial advice he provides by browsing through www.kellyruggles.com.
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