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Kelsey Libert Outreach and Relationship Building

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The goal of Blogger Outreach is to build authentic links that point from top tier publishers to your client’s content. Achieving this goal starts at the core of content marketing: the generation of viral content ideas. In this session you will learn how to create viral content ideas, build mutually beneficial relationships, spread more engaging content, generate high valued links, and minimize the noise in the era of content marketing.

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Kelsey Libert Outreach and Relationship Building

  1. Blogger Outreach & Relationship Building@KelseyLibert, CDA Diverse Media Company
  2. With the rapid adoption of content marketing, editors are overwhelmed.
  3. Their inboxes are flooded Self.com EditorAt best, only half of her emails get a glance
  4. So, They’re Taking ActionIf you spam publishers with mismatched, regurgitated content, your namenow sticks out as someone to avoid.
  5. … They’re taking serious action Editors are using keyword spam filters to block certain content pitches – especially, infographics.
  6. So …. What Do We Do? We work from the ground up to establish mutually beneficial relationships, around content the readership cares about.
  7. Today You Will LearnI. The Secret of Creating Ideas that Resonate with Your AudienceI. Little Known Ways to Leverage Social Media for OutreachI. How To Close Email Pitches using AIDAS
  8. I. The Secret of Creating Ideas that Resonate with Your Audience
  9. “When everyone is playing the same game, your execution is critical.” - Seth Godin
  10. • Simplicity• Unexpectedness• Concreteness• Credibility• Emotions• Stories• S
  11. Simplicity: How do you strip an idea to itscore without turning it into a silly sound bite?
  12. Unexpectedness: How do you capturepeoples’ attention… and hold it?
  13. “I have no special talents,I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein
  14. Concreteness: How do you help people understandyour idea and remember it much later?
  15. Concrete = Case Studies > Ideas Case Studies Ideas
  16. Credibility: How do you get people tobelieve your idea?
  17. What You Think is Credible
  18. What Is Credible
  19. http://www.thenationalhonestyindex.com/ 280 Million Total Impressions 160 Press Stories $2.79 Million in Earned Media Double-digit growth in each city where they held their experiment.
  20. Emotional: How do you get people tocare about your idea?
  21. Virality is Partially Driven by Physiological ArousalEmotions Wharton Study
  22. • Content that evokes high-arousal emotions is more viral. • (+) Awe • (-) Anxiety, Anger• Content that evokes low-arousal emotions is less viral. • (-) Sadness
  23. Positive Content Awe, Anxiety, Anger is More Viral thanNegative Content Sadness
  24. Stories: How do you get people toact on your idea?
  25. Simple: Visual messageUnexpected: Man loses 245pounds in a year, eating fastfoodConcrete: This image servesas testimony, and clings toyour memoryEmotional: His weight wasdebilitatingStory: It’s Jared’s fight forhis life
  26. SEOmoz meme creditWe’ve established the foundation of ideas that will resonate with your audience,and naturally build links. Next up: building awareness.
  27. II. Little Known Ways toLeverage Social Media for Outreach
  28. Due to relationship building and outreach, I have placed content with thesetop tier publishers.
  29. How have I done this?Let me show you how you can do this, too.
  30. Break Down Barriers Using Social Media Next up: 9 Tips for Crafting Tweets that Get a Response, from someone you don’t know.
  31. If someone like …. tweets you: Photo Credit
  32. But, if someone like … tweets you: Photo Credit
  33. 1. We Remind People, that We’re Real People Then don’t go right for the pitch.
  34. 2. Give Credit to The WriterGive credit where credit is due.
  35. 3. Append Your PersonalityShow that you’re a brain, not a bot. Append your opinion, or sense of humor.
  36. 4. Use Quotes from the ArticleShow you have a genuine interest, by reading the authors content.
  37. 5. Be TimelyPick something that has been written within the last month, and if possible, isrelevant to your pitch.
  38. 6. Explain Why You Agree with Their Opinion If you engage with their content, they may engage with you.
  39. 7. Provide an Opposing OpinionDon’t be aggressive, but get the discussion going.
  40. 8. Ask Questions About Their Content Speaking of getting a discussion going, what better way than to ask questions?
  41. 9. Get to Know the AuthorAbove all else: get to the know the person behind the author.
  42. Social Media Do’s and Donts
  43. Do: Use Social Media to Find Emails Forbes EditorEntrepreneurEditor Offer that they DM you their email so it’s private. This also shows you care because you’re willing to follow them first.
  44. Do: Follow Up
  45. Do: Link Recon through Social MediaTry to reach out via email first, use social media as a secondarymethod to claim link attribution
  46. Do: Use social media to build relationships, never to pitch. Pitching in 140 characters? Just don’t do it.
  47. That’s a Wrap on Social!Now go get ‘em you sophisticated socialite! Now go get ‘em you sophisticated socialite!
  48. III. How To Close More Email Pitches using AIDAS
  49. Blogger Outreach is SalesA valuable salesperson builds mutually beneficial relationshipsand provides the customers with what they need.
  50. The Blogger Outreach EquationAwareness (Social) + Interest (Content) + Desire (Mutual Benefit) = Action By using the blogger outreach equation, I secured a placement on a financial blog with over 3 million unique visitors a month. But, how?
  51. The Blogger Outreach Equation, In ActionAwareness(Social):Tweeted the author whose article was sourced, before I reaching out. Interest (Content):Subject line appeals to ego, Desire (Mutual Benefit): “Title of Content – Exclusive study, where the [Exclusive] Source: Author contact is the #1 source. Name
  52. Your Goal Is to Create the Following
  53. How to Prove “Need Recognition: Why” 1. Need Recognition: WhyWhy the publishers audience would want to see your content 1. Advantage “I have an exclusive study.”“I noticed your readers were very engaged with this topic.” “This week in the news…” Remember timely content is best
  54. Information Search and Evaluation of Alternatives 2. Information Search: How How the publisher doesnt already cover this content, but should 2. Proof "Here is how my piece of content shows your audience what they didnt know about X.” “I see you’ve covered ABC, well, XYZ expands on this.” “You can see the success of an an earlier piece we did here.” Prove with interesting, hard facts that can be found within your content.
  55. Asking for the Sale: Purchase Decisions 3. Evaluation of Alternatives: WhatWhat revealing information your content offers, that isnt already known 3. Action “Did you complete a new study?”“Are you taking an opposing angle to what’s out there?” In order to make a sale, you need to ask for it.
  56. Examples of closing 1. Closing on Choice. "Which do you prefer, article 1 or 2?" 2. Series of Acceptances "Do you think this content would engage your readers?” “Do you think this piece is timely?” “Would you be interested in the exclusive?” 3. Impending Event"I’d love to partner with you on the exclusive, but I can only offer it to you for a week." 4. Trial Order "See how this post does, if it does well, we can partner on a full time basis.” Your closing paragraph should incite action.
  57. Don’t Sell the Steak, Sell the Sizzle. The takeaway? Dont sell your content, sell its benefits.
  58. Don’t ask if – ask which!Dont ask yes or no questions, ask for a choice, or open-endedquestions.
  59. So, stop worrying about this. Thanks Melissa Fach Matt Cutts Meme Monday
  60. Start Doing This
  61. @KelseyLibert www.KelseyLibert.comContent Development Officer Diverse Media Company