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Architects in Pembrokeshire

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www.kenmorganarchitects.co.uk do not charge for an initial consultation either in our office or at the client's site.

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Architects in Pembrokeshire

  1. 1. Ken Morgan Design & Building Management Ltd Telephone - 01834 860873 Fax - 01834 862000
  2. 2. About Us • Welcome to Ken Morgan Architects, Ken initially set up in private Architectural Practice in 1976. The Architectural Studio is at Narberth, Pembrokeshire, West Wales.
  3. 3. Design Service • We do not charge for an initial consultation either in our office or at the client's site. Once the client's brief is established we can quote fees on a fixed fee basis for a limited service or on a percentage fee scale to be agreed for a full service. The latter would normally include monitoring the building construction and providing certification on completion.
  4. 4. Commercial • From the Narberth location Ken Morgan has travelled as far North as Manchester working for Manchester University. The project involved the creation of a tourist information centre for the Arboretum at Jodrell Bank.
  5. 5. Residential • Housing projects range from one-off new-builds for private clients to housing estates for building developers. Ken Morgan was also involved in the creation of a new village of 50 houses, a community centre and doctor's surgery in a forest on the outskirts of Swansea.
  6. 6. Community • The changing rooms designed for the Tenby and District Sports Association involved the use of driven piles to support the building. This is because the site was a disused refuse tip overlying marshy ground in the estuary of the river Ritec. The project was completed with the benefit of a grant from the Sportlot lottery funds and it was completed on time and on budget.
  7. 7. Contact Us • The Studio • Little Greenway • Crinow Road • Narberth • Pembrokeshire • SA67 8TA • Telephone - 01834 860873 • Fax - 01834 862000 • Email - ken@kenmorgandbm.co.uk • Website :www.kenmorganarchitects.co.uk