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123: Firearm List for Beginners

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Build up your arsenal with real fire power, cheaply and effectively. Choose the firearm that is best for you by checking this firearm list for beginners.

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123: Firearm List for Beginners

  1. 1. By Ken Jensen 123: FIREARM LIST FOR BEGINNERS www. ThePrepperPodcast.com/beginnerfirearms
  2. 2. Different Purposes of Having a Firearm Firearms must be: • Home Defense • Personal or Self Defense • Hunting / Utilitarian • Sport • Reliable • Reputable Manufacturer • Something that will last • Ballistics are good for the purpose • It is tactically superior • Ammunition costs or availability www. ThePrepperPodcast.com/beginnerfirearms
  3. 3. Shotguns are a Great First Firearm • Shotguns are cheap and reliable, used ones are even cheaper. • Pellets Spread and if you are using #2-4 Buckshot, it is a great home defense round. • Chances of impact damage on your target is higher. • Chances of shooting into another room is lower. • Home defense rounds are available. Basic Shotgun types worth purchasing:  410  20 Gauge  12 Gauge  10 Gauge  12 Gauge www. ThePrepperPodcast.com/beginnerfirearms
  4. 4. 12 Gauge Shotgun 12 GA pump is one of the favorites for hunting. 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun Credit to www.carolinashootersclub.com 20 Ga youth model • Lightweight • Easy to maneuver • Can be modified • with different stocks, • Like a collapsible one.
  5. 5. HandGuns can also be a great first firearm Handguns are easy to carry, easy to store and great for personal defense. Basic Handgun types worth purchasing .45 Cal .40 Cal 9mm .357 magnum 22LR The .45, .40, 9mm, and .357 are the most common police rounds .357 Magnum shoots .38 Special which is commonly available, but not really sought after during ammo shortages. .44 Mag is generally available as well. www. ThePrepperPodcast.com/beginnerfirearms
  6. 6. Rifles are great for targets Rifle types that are worth purchasing • 30-06 - Great for White Tail deer. Awesome round, and is the base for many other rounds. Was overly expensive during the shortage, but still available. • 30-30 - Was the go-to-round before the 30-06. Was available, is generally cheap. You may look at Marlin lever-action • 7mm - 7mm Magnum or 7mm Mauser are both great deer rifles. • Ruger 10/22 • AR-15 or AK-47 • 300 Magnum - Go with a 300 Win-Mag or 300 Weatherby. Expensiv e Rounds, but usually available, and you won’t shoot many. • Shooting is expensive and taxing on the shoulder www. ThePrepperPodcast.com/beginnerfirearms
  7. 7. Carbine Carbine • Ruger Mini-14 (5.56 mm) or Mini-30 (7.62×3 9) • Winchester 94 Trapper (.357), Puma 92 (.357/.38 or .44 Mag), Marlin 1894 • Go with the Puma 92, it seems to be cheaper than the others, and is known as a very reliable gun. • M1 Carbine (.30) – Civilian Version • Hi-Point (9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP) • The obvious AR Platforms www. ThePrepperPodcast.com/beginnerfirearms
  8. 8. Stock up on what everyone else is ignoring as far as ammo goes. • 12 Ga, 20 Ga • 30-30 • .357 with .38 Special Backup • 8mm Mauser
  9. 9. You must choose the firearm that is best for you: • It must provide what you need • It must fulfill your purpose • You must be able to trust it • It needs to be comfortable www. ThePrepperPodcast.com/beginnerfirearms